The best known of all border cranesbills. It is easily grown in a wide range of soils and is a long lived hybrid selection. Geranium is a genus of 422 species of flowering plants found throughout the temperate regions of the world and the mountains of the tropics, They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and the five-petaled-flowers can be white, pink, purple or blue, often with distinctive veining. 9 Geranium Hardy Collection 6 + 3 FREE - click here. See more ideas about geranium rozanne, plants, geraniums. dyzzypyxxy Jul 23, 2016 10:26 AM CST. Genus name comes from the Greek word geranos meaning crane in reference to the fruit which purportedly resembles the head and beak of a crane. (U. S. Plant Patent PP12,175 issued October 30, 2001). Pack of 9 (Code PR143) £15.98. Enjoy the graceful form of ‘Johnson’s Blue’ in the border next to golden-leafed jomarc. The 2", saucer-shaped flowers bloom in clusters above the dark green foliage in late spring and will continue blooming periodically throughout the summer. May-July. They’re pretty enough on their own terms and happy to mingle in, above or below other plants. Very popular variety; Item # Pack Size Avail Units Avail Plants ; 1723307 25 #1 Div. One of the most popular Geranium varieties around, prized for its reliable garden performance, stunning blue flowers, and finely cut foliage. Hi, I planted a border last spring and I selected Geranium dalmaticum 'Dragon Heart' as a rose companion plant. Water immediately after planting. GERANIUM himalayense Johnsons Blue) £ Geranium 'Johnson's Blue' (Cranesbill) ... Companion Plants; Alchemilla mollis. Height & Width. Ht.45cm.(18in.). Most popular from this group is Johnson's Blue, a world favorite with large (1 1/2 to 2 inch) true blue flowers. Clumping. Cultivation. Welcome to How about a picture of the plants, Bill? Sun. Plant Details; Care & Info; Add to wishlist ; A spreading perennial with deeply lobed dark green leaves. After blooming the plant should be trimmed back by half its height to keep the plant looking tidy and to encourage light reblooming. Blue hydrangea with a geranium companion What are companion plants? Features. Excellent for borders, rock gardens, or mass plantings. 'Brookside' is taller, more seasonal, 'Johnson's Blue' has shorter flowering preiod, too, even if cut back and provoked into flower again. Geranium 'Johnson's Blue' (Geranium 'Johnson's Blue') will reach a height of 0.5m and a spread of 1m after 2-5 years. The Border selections of Cranesbill Geranium are valuable fillers for colour in early to mid summer. It grows to 18 inches tall. Geranium 'Johnson's Blue' - 9cm Pot Marshalls £6.99 Catalogue Code: 5130-1382. 18 years ago. Geranium Rozanne rarely sets seed and, being a hybrid, won’t grow true to seed anyway. Plants; Geranium Johnsons Blue; Geranium Johnsons Blue . Johnson's Blue Cranesbill is a fine choice for the garden, but it is also a good selection for planting in outdoor pots and containers. Grouped product items; Geranium Johnsons Blue (2 Litre) (Container Garden Plant) Delivery normally all year round? Multi-buy deal . This outstanding hybrid between Geranium himalayense and Geranium pratense originated in a Dutch nursery around 1950. Geranium ‘Rozanne’ Cranesbill Geranium: USDA Zone: 4-9: Plant number: 1.230.520. For each plant prepare a spacious planting hole. Add to salads, Cake decoration, Cottage/Informal, Beds and borders, Ground Cover, Underplanting. Any well drained soil. Companion Plants for Geranium Rozannes. | Quote | Post #1221399 (1) Name: Elaine Sarasota, Fl The one constant in life is change . It quickly reaches about 18 inches tall and 2 or 3 feet wide. Like; Save; schmidga7. Toothed scalloped lobes are hairy and the leaves sparkle with the morning dew. Johnson's Blue Cranesbill - Geranium x 'Johnson's Blue' View All. The planting distance is about 20 cm. Read More. Geranium Johnsons Blue. Sale price. We'll see how well it returns for me. Shear after flowering to produce fresh foliage. Any ideas greatly appreciated. Geranium 'Johnson's Blue' forms large, branching mounds of finely textured leaves and produces cool blue-violet flowers from early to midsummer. Companion plants complement the showy ornamentals society loves – roses, peonies, delphiniums and hollyhocks – filling in the gaps in the flower border and helping it flow. It is useful in borders, rock gardens, and containers. The purest blue of the G. himalayense group. 35cm. I have it growing both in full sun and in afternoon shade. The medium green leaves of this hardy perennial turn shades of yellow and red in the fall. Geranium Johnsons Blue. Geranium Rozanne is a patented plant, which means that the gardener can't propagate and sell this plant without paying a royalty to the breeder. Companion Plants 'Johnson's Blue' Geranium. H-C You could also use them beneath Clematis to aid in shading the soil for the vines. Many make excellent garden plants and many hybrids have been made. Whether you know it as cranesbill or simply perennial geranium, the Geranium “Rozanne” cultivar adds a graceful blue to a sunny garden. Noteworthy Characteristics. (Syn. Last year and this my johnson blue geraniums have great foliage but no flowers. AGM. This is one of the best recent Cranesbill introductions, excellent for long-season display and leagues better than older garden forms such as ‘Johnson’s Blue'. Good neighbours, they will not compete too … Another from similar parentage is Brookside with even deeper blue flowers. In midsummer into fall, bright magenta flowers punctuated with black veins and eyes bloom freely. Foliage turns brilliant red and orange tones in autumn. Fill with soil and press firmly. Sp. This variety forms a mound of bold green foliage, bearing large cup-shaped bright-blue flowers. Geranium 'Johnson's Blue' is a long-blooming variety with 2-inch bright blue flowers. Email Save Comment 7. 18 years ago. Selected as the 2008 Perennial Plant of the Year. Pack of 3 (Code PR142) £7.99. In its first year it bloomed profusely for a short period and looked briefly stunning, then became open and floppy. The atypical combo of roses works very well as they are taller. In stock Quantity ... A cottage garden favourite that attracts bees and butterflies to the garden. It did grow well and produced some flowers in early spring but none since (it seems to be resting). Geranium Johnsons Blue garden flowers. Sep 8, 2020 - Perfect pairings of plants with Geranium Rozanne. *Ships 08/16 - 09/20: Login for Pricing: 4523300 25 #1 Div. I've heard this variety is finicky to grow and does not like hot summers. 'Rozanne' was voted "Chelsea Plant of the Centenary" (1993 - 2002) and is well worth the title, flowering for 4 or 5 months, sun or part shade. A cranesbill geranium that boasts large, blue veined flowers with a subtle flush of pink in the centre. Geranium, 'Johnson's Blue' flowers and borders planted with red Begonias, Pelargonium - Geraniums, Hakonechlo macra Aureola - perennial Grass. The finely cut, divided leaves of Geranium Johnson's Blue turn to hues of reds and oranges during the fall adding extended seasonal interest to your garden. CareProvide full sun to part shade. Geranium ‘Johnson's Blue ’ jer-AY-nee-um Audio This popular perennial is grown for its blue or lavender-blue, saucer-shaped flowers that bloom for many weeks. Comments (7) oldherb. Purple. Ht. Clusters of lavender blue flowers with pink centres bloom above the foliage in summer. The cranesbill Geranium ‘Johnson’s Blue’ is an easy perennial that grows best in the garden. This plant looks great even when it’s not in bloom. Qty: Buy. Blue: The basic coloring of The Lilac Geranium from the Himalayas, for example, gives us many of the great blue selections. While deer tend to avoid this plant, butterflies are attracted to it. SKU: P3901. Star-shaped chartreuse flowers in loose clusters on light green soft, velvety leaves that are partially folded. geranium pratense johnsons blue flower flowers flowering perennial perennials RM Floral. A reliable groundcover for any location. Because of this, the best companion plants for geraniums are those that are prone to suffering from them, like corn, roses, grapes, and cabbage. Geranium 'Johnson's Blue' is a beautiful perennial geranium with large, true blue flowers blooming from late spring into mid-summer. 3 total. Price From £7.99. 15-18" tall x 12-18" wide. An old variety, which is still deservedly popular. This geranium is a true perennial and has been established in my (zone 5 ) garden for 10+ years. Best planted in groups. Scented geraniums are also believed to deter spider mites, leafhoppers and cotton aphids, meaning good scented geranium plant companions are almost any vegetable in your garden. It is popular because it is pretty, vigorous and blooms for a long time. Loose clusters of mid-blue flowers that are paler towards the centre. Plants need to be cut back hard after blooming to encourage fresh new foliage and to tidy up the inevitable post-blooming floppiness. 1' 6" x 2' (45cm x 60cm) Plant Colour. The common name is‘cranesbill’. Follow. The genus name is derived from the Greek géranos meaning ‘crane’. It does not need to be divided. 50cm. Spider mites, in particular, can devastate most vegetable crops in … I have divided mine once to place a plant in a new location. In wet years it gets a bit floppy. Its lavender-tinted blue flowers have pale mauve centers, and bloom continuously atop elegant, deeply divided leaves that densely cover the somewhat creeping stems. You can, however, make divisions to use in your own garden. Could The plants be too old? Geranium 'Johnson's Blue' - very lovely, large blue flowers, divided foliage, somewhat floppy, chaotic habit. Growing 16-18" tall, in a dense, spreading mound, Johnson's Blue Geranium makes an attractive ground cover when planted in groups. Geranium Johnson's Blue - Common name:Cranesbill, Perennial Geranium - Extremely long blooming - large vivid periwinkle blue flowers appear continuously from late spring to fall. Qty: Buy. Plant Feed. 'Rozanne'. I love "Johnson's Blue".....Any suggestions on some great companions? Most of the garden favorites are crosses between species from Europe and Asia. the shaded plant is a bit taller (by 20%), but there is no noticeable bloom difference. 17 years ago. Place the root ball at the right depth in the planting hole, the top should be just below ground level. Suggested uses. It can be used either as 'filler' or as a 'thriller' in the 'spiller-thriller-filler' container combination, depending on the height and form of the other plants used in the container planting. Geranium is a genus of about 300 species of annuals and herbaceous perennials from temperate regions. Uses. June to August. More About Geranium x 'Johnson's Blue' Cup-shaped flowers are showy above the foliage; Five-petaled, violet-blue flowers; Branching mounds of fine-textured leaves; Green leaves turn shades of yellow and red in the fall ; Bloom Time: Early to midsummer; Interesting Notes: A result of a hybrid cross between Geranium himalayense and Geranium pratense. Zones 4-8. Credit: Peter Symcox 'Ann Folkard' Geranium Geranium 'Ann Folkard' has yellowish-green foliage on 2-foot-long scrambling stems that weave among other plants. Pretty trailing over embankments, in borders or Mass Planting.
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