Admittedly, it’s not the thought of hot borscht that tempted me to pay a visit, it’s the Instagram … If you’re looking for somewhere to go dancing nearby; Sketch is fun place for a cocktail. 2,404 Likes, 212 Comments - Bob Bob Ricard (@bobbobricard) on Instagram: “#Repost @pinkygiant ・・・ “Press for champagne” #champagne #london #londonrestaurants #night…” Bob Bob Ricard (Upper James Street, W1F) Image Credit: @bobbobricard Ok, so this isn’t necessarily the cheapest outing but there simply isn’t any way we could leave Bob Bob Ricard and its famous ‘Press for Champagne’ button off a list of luxury Instagram locations. Waffle and Bellini Hour at Bob Bob Ricard. Even though it was a while ago, I loved it, and it was memorable. Bob Bob Ricard is famously pricey. London's most glamorous all-booth restaurant. See more ideas about bob bob ricard, london restaurants, restaurant interior. The interior resembles carriages on the British Pullman (essentially the same as the Orient Express bar the name) and just as those carriages have their own unique colours and style, so do the two, primary dining areas of Bob Bob Ricard (blue and red rooms). Normally this would be enough to put me off, but for pure luxury and entertainment, Bob Bob Ricard is great value – and we didn’t even mention the “Press For Champagne” button! By Rebecca Cope. I do think the Club Room could be a bit jazzier… some fun music to entice people to the dancefloor and make it a little more Members Clubby than upstairs. 8th September 2020 | Everyday Restaurants. 76,635 were here. The elegant London-based Bob Bob Ricard (BBR) is well-known for the ‘Press for champagne’ buzzers situated on diners’ tables and fine dining in a quirky atmosphere. To help you find those gram-worthy bars and never waste time at a dull cocktail spot again, Central London Apartments has analysed which bars in London have been shared on Instagram … I cannot recall the number of times where I walk back and forth and never noticing it until when I actually went over for dinner. Nov 3, 2016 - Explore Leisure & Hospitality Interior's board "BOB BOB RICARD", followed by 283 people on Pinterest. By Rebecca Cope. Known for its leafy conservatory, Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings in Clerkenwell is a great London brunch spot. Bob Bob Ricard, 1 Upper James St, Soho, London W1F 9DF View this post on Instagram A post shared by Bob Bob Ricard (@bobbobricard) on Nov 10, 2017 at 2:12am PST. The booths offer a level of privacy that’s sadly lacking from the elbow-to-elbow dining that’s slowly taking over London’s dining scene. Bob Bob Ricard, Soho. Monday 17 June 2019. Its royal blue booths with gold-gilt edges in the blue room take inspiration from the Orient Express and Golden Age of Travel. Located on the eighth floor of the Leadenhall Building (also known as the Cheesegrater), Bob Bob Cité opened this May and, as the name suggests, brings the best of Bob Bob Ricard to the City, with a contemporary design befitting its Square Mile location and a menu of classic French comfort dishes cooked up by Michelin-starred chef Éric Chavot. Bob Bob Cité: £25 million sequel to Bob Bob Ricard opens in the City. We dined as guests of the restaurant and therefore did not see the bill, but our meal for two would have cost north of £300. # Repost @pierre.koffmann ・・・ Experienced the turbot wellington today @bobbobricard it was superb # excellent # loveit #fish # delicious. 17 Jun 2019. In some ways Bob Bob Ricard is like a fairy tale in which you can conjure up champagne to save the day with their 'Press for Champagne' button. The setup: After stints with Gordon Ramsay, Shane Osbourne and Phil Howard, Anna Haugh finally has an executive-chef role worthy of her talents, creating a … Bob Bob Ricard's Waffle & Bellini Hour - every Friday to Sunday from 11am to 12noon! The people I know who have been to Russia haven’t exactly been that enthusiastic about the food, but Bob Bob Ricard is at the height of decadent Russian-influenced cuisine in London. Admittedly, the last time I actually went to Bob Bob Ricard was something like 6 years ago. The food at Bob Bob Cité was amazing and we loved every course. Bob Bob Ricard's Waffle & Bellini Hour - every Friday to Sunday from 11am to 12noon! Bob Bob Ricard is owned by Leonid (nicknamed Bob) Shutov and Richard Howarth, and has been winning over restaurant critics since it launched in 2008. Unconventional in its décor, BBR features multiple dining rooms. I thoroughly recommend Bob Bob Ricard, the food and service are second to none. 4. 414 Likes, 8 Comments - Bob Bob Ricard (@bobbobricard) on Instagram: “#Repost @jamesbevan96 ・・・ Fantastic birthday lunch at Bob Bob Ricard in Soho with Robyn and mum!…” I was invited to review Bob Bob Ricard and our food and drink was complimentary. Bob Bob Ricard is one of my favourite special occasion restaurants and with very good reason… Where to begin? In short, it’s as pricey as it is eccentric. You see, Bob Bob Ricard serves an opulent Anglo-Russian menu, and is full of truffles, oysters, Oscietra caviar, lobster – the works. It’s hard to say because Bob Bob Ricard is the full dining experience; every element comes together to create a lasting impression on diners. See All. Bob Bob Ricard is not cheap in the slightest, it’s over the top and therefore on the pricey side. But the restaurant, which serves a luxury English and Russian menu, has avoided opening its doors on a Sunday, until now. Though it takes its cues from the luxuriousness of old-fashioned travel, it already has the unmistakable sheen of a true destination." Instagram Post by Breakfast London • September 4, 2020 at 01:31AM PDT via "Bob Bob Cité may be a snooty Instagram backdrop for oyster-fuelled flexing but it floods you with a delirious wave of giddying little details. The restaurant that made the ‘press for champagne’ button famous has expanded with a second location catering to glitzy city workers . Anna Haugh, Bob Bob Ricard. Bob Bob Ricard now offers gift vouchers - from £50 to £1000 :). Instagram Post by Breakfast London • September 4, 2020 at 01:31AM PDT via Bob Bob Ricard in London – a luxury restaurant in Soho that wouldn’t look a miss in The Great Gatsby is a popular haunt for foodies in the city. Make sure you book ahead. Bob Bob Ricard in Soho, London, is known for its fine dining but its owner is introducing a new pricing model to give customers a discount depending on what day of the week they eat. Bob Bob Ricard is a restaurant that understands the concept of space – the railway-styled seating is perfect for two or four, though maybe a bit too tight for six. I’d been seeing that infamous ‘Press For Champagne’ button in my instagram feed for months before i finally gave into my curiosity and googled where on earth it was! I was not paid to visit and was not under contractual obligation to write this blog post or create content on any platform. Bob Bob Cité is open and, like it or loathe it, you cannot possibly ignore it. Bourne & Hollingsworth. But otherwise I can’t fault it. Why: You might know it as the restaurant with the ‘press for Champagne button’, and although we do agree that anywhere with such a button is worth visiting, Bob Bob Ricard is more than a gimmick. At Bob Bob Ricard, diners could make serious savings on off-peak times. Bob Bob Ricard is billed as London’s only all-booth deluxe diner,and stepping inside evokes the feel of a huge luxury train carriage, albeit a train carriage from a far more glamorous Art Deco-ish era. Bob Bob Ricard – the place which is very much talked about, but hardly noticeable when you walk down Upper James Street around Soho. Bob Bob Ricard. The new restaurant is so beautiful, and although it feels super different to Bob Bob Ricard, it's still swanky and glamorous and all the things you think of when you think of Bob Bob Ricard, but in more of a contemporary French style rather than Russian. However, the opulence, fun factor and the lovely staff working there (in fabulously kitsch dusky-pink waistcoats) make it somewhere I’d happily return to.
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