It's been around the longest and is what most people think of when they think of this type of fundraiser. In this way your fundraising items stay fresh just in case some students come late to pick up their merchandise. Your customers will be delighted as they look at the pictures of the delicious cookie dough varieties that we carry. Our popcorn fundraising brochure is a popular choice for small groups just like yours. Feel free to review the commission schedule posted on the cookie dough catalog page. Make up to 40% profit or $6.25/bag of coffee and $4.75/bag of tea. We will also coach you what to say and how to say it. The next year, the form was taken back to the office and the company purchased so many that they were the top selling family in the school. It is a pleasure dealing with a company as experienced in the fundraising business as Tracy Hamilton. What can you do? Furthermore, your fundraiser will run as smooth as possible. Each cookie dough tub weighs 2.7 lbs; Makes up to 40 mouth watering cookies; Certified kosher; Additional Cookie Dough Fundraiser Selling Tips. Raise money for your non-profit, school or youth group by beautifying the backyards of your friends and family! Use your FREE Spinners® to raise an average of $210 each. They both are a great value for the money. Order Your FREE Cookie Dough Brochures. Offer encouragement throughout the process. You get all of our proven fundraising ideas. Furthermore, your young people can earn up to five dollars on every tub of cookie dough they sell. So if you sell 29 tubs of Oatmeal Raisin you’d round it up to 30 tubs or 5 cases of 6 tubs. We can’t wait to get it going again next fundraising season. You will sell 2 pounds tubs of dough for only $10 each. Delivery will take 2 weeks. Hopefully you are raising money for something your sellers care about. Learn more about our snack fundraising brochure. Our $10 cookie dough fundraiser is one of our best selling fundraising products. Sell 10 tubs of Gourmet Cookie Dough, and get a FREE ($30 value) yearbook! We offer free online tools for tallying. Beef Jerky Upon completing your fundraiser, we'll send you an invoice, and your Profit Report. We Ship Savory cookie dough fundraiser products to all of the Eastern half of the USA, in Addition to the States of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota. It's been around the longest and is what most people think of when they think of this type of fundraiser. | Advertise | Free Fundraising Guide. How Does the $17 Preportioned Cookie Dough Fundraiser Work? You don't even need to scoop out the dough! Cookie Dough, Muffin Dough and Doggie Dough contains 6 units/case (sorry, no mixed cases) Buns contain 4 packs/case (sorry, no mixed cases) Coffee/Tea and Beef Jerky packed individually ** To order Harvest Bundles or Spring Planters please contact the In-Dey-Go office direct. So, why not send us an email or give us a call right now? So set a reasonable expectation for each seller before you start. Make up to 35% profit or $5.25/pack. So if you want to know how much money you’ll make from your fundraiser you need to estimate how many tubs your group can sell. Nov 6, 2020 - Our delicious line of great-tasting cookie dough comes with convenient preportioned packaging. Turn in your order forms and money during the first week of school. This is the most popular cookie dough fundraiser. Artisan Soaps. Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie & Biscuit Dough is a proud family-owned business with a dedicated team of over 100 years of combined fundraising experience. Take the profit per tub that quantity will earn you and multiply it times the number of tubs you sold. The products came quickly and in perfect condition. Fundraising was much easier with than with any other provider we’ve used in the past. The dough can be frozen, thawed, scooped and baked, and the remaining mixture re-frozen or refrigerated for next time. When you complete your cookie dough fundraiser and pay for your cookie dough tubs, ABC Fundraising® will give you 1 FREE Spinner® fundraising booklet for every $500 in cookie dough profit your group earns. We have a sliding commission scale here at Please note that the cookie dough ships in cases of 6 tubs. We suggest you sell for 2 weeks. 2420 Highway 287 North, Suite #106, Mansfield, Texas 76063 We’ve never had anyone dissappointed when we told them there is NO COST to get started. A cookie dough fundraiser usually lasts from 1-3 weeks depending on the group. And it’s FREE. Simply put, we make frozen gourmet cookie dough fundraising easy. This has really changed the face of cookie dough fundraising. Furthermore, you’ll find that your students will work harder when they are trying to win the prize that they want! Ultimate Coffee Collection – Coffee Fundraisers, All Fundraising Articles for Schools, Cheer Teams, High School Boosters, Cookie Dough Fundraiser Tubs – Make The Most Money. google_ad_width = 728; Cookie dough fundraiser $16. What would you like to do next? Follow our proven formula and your group will sell the most cookie dough tubs. People really appreciate expectations and quite often live up or down to them. Chocolate covered almonds, peanut squares and Neopolitan pretzel mix— there is something for all of your friends and family! Be clear about goals at that meeting. Our new $10 gourmet cookie dough fundraiser will bring you even greater success.This cookie dough fundraiser features 6 of our best selling flavors, offered in a 2lb tub format, at only $10 each. | Press And there’s no cost to get started. Read more about why some of our clients view us, learn more about our $10 Cookie dough fundraiser here…, learn more about our $16 cookie dough fundraiser here…, send your cookie dough tub fundraising kit, Cookie dough fundraiser $17 (Includes gluten free cooke dough). We are here to make sure your small group succeeds raising the money that it needs. Why? Eagle Crossing Middle School If the fundraising program you are looking for is promoting frozen cookie dough, then think twice before signing up. We are the leaders in the fundraising industry exceeding customer's expectations through our unique and innovative fundraising programs and unforgettable customer service. sound to you? Cookie dough fundraiser appeals to both children and adults because it is easy to sell and it generates profit quicker than other fundraising ideas. best cookie dough fundraising brochures here. Just suppose you are not ready to make 2 pounds of cookies at one time. $10 Frozen Cookie Dough Tub Fundraiser. Copyright © 2003-2011 Step by Step Fundraising This catalog also includes snacks, magazine subscription and kitchen gadgets too. Your order will be shipped to one location for pick-up. The next year, the form was taken back to the office and the company purchased so many that they were the top selling family in the school. Our top program offers the top selling 6 flavors in 2 pound tubs… There is no hassle for the parent to make a special trip to pick up the product with this home delivery cookie dough fundraiser! That is why our cookie dough fundraiser tubs are all resealable. So who else is looking for cookie dough tubs for sale? We are the leaders in the fundraising industry exceeding customer's expectations through our unique and innovative fundraising programs and unforgettable customer service. We also offer free online tools to do that. The main reason for the price break is the cost of shipping frozen products. We also provide step-by-step coaching through every part of the cookie dough tub fundraising process. Learn how to earn up to a 50% profit this holiday season with our winter fundraising brochure…. Frozen Cookie Dough from Savory. Just think about this for a moment. Most of your customers are going to expect you to be selling frozen cookie dough in tubs. Cinnamon and Sticky Buns. tubs of frozen cookie dough. Tubs of frozen cookie dough. Don’t be surprised if they order more than one. With a cookie dough fundraiser the more tubs that you sell, the greater your discount will be from your supplying company. Tubs feature single cookie dough flavors. Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie & Biscuit Dough is a proud family-owned business with a dedicated team of over 100 years of combined fundraising experience. 3. The home delivery cookie dough fundraiser not only eliminates any storage issues, but the parents will appreciate the convenience as well! Your group can buy them at a cost of just $8.50 each and sell them for $15.00 – 43% profit on each tub sold! The skinny on how to get the dough. Our cookie dough fundraising brochure will help you raise the money you need this year. The folks at Otis Spunkmeyer have met me where I'm at with their frozen tubs of pre-portioned cookie dough that is probably the easiest way to make cookies. Learn more about our powerful popcorn fundraising brochure here…. While everyone we know had been doing candy bar fundraisers, we wanted to find something unique and interesting. If the money raised is being used for the benefit of the sellers be sure they know that and get them excited about the end result of the fundraiser. From Chicago style popcorn to chocolate drizzled sea salt carmel corn. Maybe you will want to save some for a rainy day. Unfortunately that’s how the cookie dough is packed at the manufacturing plant. Who can resist the aroma of fresh baked home made cookies? This is our best selling cookie dough program because of the retail selling price. Delivery was handled quickly and to my specifications. We invite you to a free conference call to learn more about our free program. Our “Tubs of Dough” fundraiser is so easy. Set … We offer 6 of the most popular cookie dough flavors in 2 pound tubs. Now you can sell to anyone – as long as they live in one of the 48 Continental United States. Then we believe you should contact your sellers at least 2 times during your sale to make sure they are meeting the goal. Order 1 $17 Preportioned Cookie Dough order-taker PER fundraising participant – they’re FREE of charge! Make up to 32% profit or $4.75/box. This is the most popular cookie dough fundraiser. First of all, there are many cookie dough tub fundraising companies out there to choose from. Earn up to a 50% profit selling beautiful flower bulbs and seeds. At only $10, your group can earn up to $5 on every sale. SIGNATURE CHOCOLATE CHUNK CHIP GLUTEN-FREE/PLANT- BASED COOKIE DOUGH - BeReal Doughs - 16 oz Resealable Packaging 3.1 out of 5 stars 26 $14.99 $ 14 . Frozen cookie dough is one of the best selling fundraising products. With a massive profit of $3.50 on every tub you sell, Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough is one the best Australian fundraisers for schools. Manage your sellers. Schools and non-profits love our winter fundraising brochure. Everyone loves freshly baked cookies. The cookie dough comes frozen in tubs, and most companies will have a variety of flavors and varieties so that your customers will have a lot to choose from. That’s all they’ll need to get started. You can not talk about your fundraiser often enough so error on the side of over talking it. You get 2 pounds of fresh cookie dough in each. Once you’ve collected the order forms you need to tally those together. google_ad_height = 90; Looking for a fun spring fundraiser brochure? For example, did you know that your small group could earn up to 52% on every tub of cookie dough tub sold? As for delivery times the expected lead time is about 2 weeks. You can also. The more tubs you sell the lower your cost per tub and the more you make on each tub. Our $16 cookie dough fundraiser items contain 2.7 pounds of fresh cookies in each container. Shipped in cookie dough tubs. Only the best quality ingredients are used including good old fashioned milk, flour, eggs & sugar. Thank you for being professional, helpful, and everything we could ask for in a company like yours. | Services | Books The tubs are slightly smaller than some other programs that offer as much as 3 pounds of dough but sell for up to $10 per tub. Sell more than 10 tubs? Talk about it, write about, text about, email about it. Call us at 903-581-0023 with the total number of cases needed of each cookie dough fundraising variety, and we can handle the order details completely over the telephone. Brochures with mouth-watering photos of your favorite cookies! offers the widest selection of cookie dough fundraisers to appeal to all groups. Savory Cookie Dough Fundraiser – Tubs $17 Sellers – View Brochure Cookie Dough Fundraisers You Scoop and Bake! You can choose from 7 delicious flavours, including some of their best sellers. Your customers will gladly support your fundraising drive because it retails at only $7. If you don’t use the online tools we strongly suggest you use a spread sheet like Excel to avoid mistakes. Cookie Dough Fundraiser Each summer, GCAA Student Media sponsors a fundraiser that YOU can participate in and earn a free yearbook! Very exciting. Cookie dough fundraisers start by finding a cookie dough fundraising company. //--> The first question most people ask is how much it costs to start a cookie dough fundraiser. Read more about why some of our clients view us as the best cookie dough fundraising company to work with. We feel the same way to about cookie dough. In addition, your group can earn up to eight dollars on each sale. About 5 years ago, a local company was given the Savory Foods Cookie Dough fundraiser form and all of them purchased the “token” tub to support a coworker’s child’s fundraiser. Set a goal. Delicious cookie dough appeals to almost everyone, and isn’t overly expensive compared to other product fundraisers. Our cookie dough fundraiser tubs earn you up to 52% profit on every sale! We suggest you get each seller to tally their order forms together. Our $16 cookie dough fundraiser items contain 2.7 pounds of fresh cookies in each container. Learn more about our snack fundraising brochure. We found it in the Gourmet Popcorn fundraiser, and I don’t know what they put in it, but people couldn’t get enough! Relax, this is going to be fun! Because it contains all of the traditional holiday purchases your friends and family will be making. Frozen tubs are essentially a tradition in the cookie dough fundraiser sector. You are selling large tubs of cookie dough. You will sell 2 pounds tubs of dough for only $10 each. Additionally, for only one dollar more you can get home-made tasting gluten-free chocolate chip cookie dough in a tub. The $10 Dough come in small 2-lb tubs for casual cookie eaters, while other packs, like the PrePortioned 16 Flavors, feature larger 2.7-lb tubs for real cookie monsters. It is not unrealistic for each person to sell 10 tubs. We like to deliver on Wednesdays and Thursdays depending on the transit time. Why not try pumpkin pie spice, M&M’s, or our mint chocolate chip cookies? So our $10 cookie dough fundraiser is available in six different gourmet cookie dough flavors including chunky chocolate chip, peanut butter and oatmeal raisin. From selecting the ideal brochure to shipping and sending your catalogs. See more ideas about cookie dough fundraiser, cookie dough, dough. google_ad_slot = "8582797944"; Make up to 37% profit or $7.00/package. Our cashless online ordering system means it’s easy to tally orders and track your fundraiser. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-3972668218328259"; As a bonus, it also offers one $16 super size box of 40 preportioned chocolate chunk cookies which means your group will make even more profit! We tested a tub of the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies today, and it … This will also work as a great church fundraising idea. Shipping is free unless you are in an extreme remote area. At only $7, there is something for everyone in this popcorn fundraiser catalog. So the point is to sell as many cookie dough tubs as possible! The great news is that shipping is free. We offer a prize incentive program to help your students sell the most cookie dough tubs. We have two different cookie dough tub sizes to offer for your schools fundraiser. Learn more about our spring brochure fundraisers. In conclusion, what do you think makes sense? Groups selling will earn 50% of all proceeds for their school with this popular cookie dough fundraiser. Lots of fundraising ideas require cash handling or fete stalls – not Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough fundraiser! 99 ($0.94/Ounce) You will sell each cookie dough tub for only $10 each. You sell each tub for $10 each. Chunky chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin and much more. Allow us the opportunity to show you why hundreds of schools and youth groups across the country choose Additionally, the more fundraising products they sell, the better the prize they can win. Promote your sale. You can get boxes that consist of frozen cookies that are portioned in advance. The #1 Cookie Dough Fundraiser: Choosing the top cookie dough program is easy because it's been the same one for nearly 5 years. Do a Drive-By Pick-up to avoid social contact. If you have 25 members, each selling 20 tubs at $15 each, that’s $3,250 profit! A tub of cookie dough can also be refrigerated for later use. 1. Furthermore, we will share some of our best ideas for selling our cookie dough fundraiser tubs.