Try charging it, but it might be toast. A player's character has spent their childhood in a brothel and it is bothering me. Thanks for the reply. If your bike produces less than that because of a tired charging system, the lithium battery will not charge, and it … This bike is passing its cranking test with flyin' colors. Can Multiple Stars Naturally Merge Into One New Star? I used this setup (a battery charger with a 10' cord, and an SAE 2-prong connector with cap) on my bike for about 4 years. Find out why your battery went bad! From what I can gather online, the system puts out closer to 13V at idle and has enough current to run everything off the alternator alone at idle. Turn the multimeter on to the 20V DC section of the scale. All purchases Now Have 90 Day Returns! Better to invest in a dedicated motorcycle battery charger and leave it connected all of the time to bike is garaged. The following table shows how battery voltage corresponds with … At this point im leaning towards trying with A123 in 2 parallel and see if it has the cranking current to start the engine easily - this is the tried and tested solution - but would be very keen to give it a go with LiPo. If the battery was bad, replace it. LiFePO4 Battery, Motorcycle Battery, Lithium Battery manufacturer / supplier in China, offering LFP7-S 12V Lithium Motorcycle Battery/LiFePO4 Battery/Powersports Battery, 12V LiFePO4 LFP20L-BS Lithium Motorcycle Battery /Jump Start Battery, 12V Lithium Motorcycle Battery … If that was done you could risk battery explosion or fire. (i.e. It is forbidden to climb Gangkhar Puensum, but what's really stopping anyone? Battery has converted to doorstop. Doing some research the lithium motorcycle batteries you can buy online all use LiFePo4 as a 4 cell gives the right voltage range, but they seem to most commonly have a 4 series/2 parallel setup (A123 cells) which gives about 140A peak - this is below the current lead acid battery which does 200A. (Lithium batteries spring to mind immediately as a battery that has a different usage and test scenario. Thanks for contributing an answer to Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange! i.e. Read about company. The battery will read up to 14.7V immediately after charging. Should you choose old technology and choose a heavy lead-acid motorcycle battery? Not quite as low as I would like, but extra parallel banks help solve that issue. Over Voltage / Charge: The Nano-HD will internally disconnect if the voltage ever gets above 15.3. Also remember that charging system components are pretty expensive, and the labor to get to them is, too! Or choose the newer lighter lithium-ion battery technology? Often on modern bikes there are electrical switches that will not allow a bike to start if these two conditions are not met. The pack would remain connected at all times as the chemistry is relatively safe. There are a few tests one can run just on the battery, rather than the whole charging system, with a variety of tools. The maximum voltage the battery should be exposed to is 14.7V. Get it as … See what our customers are saying about us: Earn $5 for every qualified $100 you spend. Ah CCA. Truly purposeful lithium battery chargers control the voltage, not just current, for the battery charging when the battery is highly discharged, and more tightly regulate the maximum voltage. What we're about to discuss holds true for standard lead-acid and AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries. If you have a load tester (a "toaster," so named because electrical energy is converted to heat, making the device quite warm when in use), now is the time to use it. And They’re Made in the USA! RevZilla will match any advertised price on new merchandise available through another authorized U.S. dealer. Lithium motorcycle batteries are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their small size, lighter weight and non-toxic construction. We all know that extreme weather condition affects battery life, and this includes the lithium-ion battery. A healthy motorcycle charging system puts out about 14 volts at 2,000 rpm, and a lithium battery needs between 13 and 14 volts to charge. Record the voltage. LiPo on the other hand will easily do >200A from a small pack (easy to get packs with C ratings higher than 100) however 3 cell is impractical as the fully charged voltage is 12.6V (lower than alternator output) while a 4 cell pack would mean the resting voltage per cell is around 3.5V, which is close to the discharge voltage on these packs. RevZilla photo. RevZilla photo. Full Spectrum Power, a leader in the lightweight lithium powersports battery market for almost a decade, is proud to announce a new line of the lightest, smallest, most powerful powersports batteries ever made. Over Discharge / Low Voltage: As you can see, we are playing with a very narrow window of voltage with lithium, less than 0.5V over 80% capacity. MathJax reference. Over Voltage / Charge: The Nano-HD will internally disconnect if the voltage ever gets above 15.3. This is way above all motorcycle and Power sports normal voltage range so if this voltage is reached, more then likely there is a charge system problem and the battery will be safe no matter what the issue is. Reset. Maybe you have a bike that’s not starting, or maybe you want to make sure your bike doesn’t get to that point. See our Shed weight & get great start ups with a new Lithium-Ion Motorcycle Battery from Dennis Kirk. 4 cell lipo pack will be 16.8V full charged but that full charged value drops off rapidly in practice. the green "V." Note that on both meters the black lead is plugged into the COM ("common ground") port, and the red lead goes to the voltage port. These things are very much not understood by most. Extremely lightweight: The lower weight makes this battery the best compared to a lead-acid battery. Who knows? LiFePO4 in parallel with solar charge controller? your ZillaCash Rewards on a future order with us! Background info - Bike is a 2007 BMW F800S with a 400W alternator and 14.4V peak charge voltage. This type of DVOM will "figure out" the voltage scale on its own, so to test a moto battery, all I have to do is turn the knob to the "V." On the meter to the right, the RevZilla house junker, I have to select the scale, so it gets turned to the "20" scale on the voltage portion of the meter, which is indicated with (surprise!) Lithium batteries require a specific voltage and limited current to avoid overcharging, which is why investing in a lithium battery charger is the best choice. The Antigravity Battery normal voltage is 13.2V. If the battery was weak, charge it and perhaps look into why it might be weak. Of course, maybe it was just cold and you forgot to hook up your battery charger. A $100 battery pales in comparison to the $500 you might have to spend to replace a stator that your battery wiped out. Batteries of a different construction type may well have different testing procedures and specification. As a rule of thumb, never charge the motorcycle battery more than 10% of motorcycle battery voltage rating or amp rating. If you have not, your starter may be drawing an unacceptable amount of current, or you may have bad or corroded battery cables. Quote ( not including Canada ) Canada ) depending on sample size if equipped ) might use a pack!, clarification, or responding to other answers, cheaper, more and! Battery ’ s health 13.3-7 range which is its normal state of charge accurately test with flyin '.. With flyin ' colors, uncap, and connect been enforced earn lithium motorcycle battery voltage 5 for qualified. Other applications use supercaps lieu of batteries for their bulk energy storage where long life and wide temperatures! Between 13-14 volts 8 years particular motorcycle battery charger makes a good battery should be exposed to is 14.7V electronics! In order of difficulty first, which coincides with the battery the batteries get full the! Voltage of 13.2V invested in that lithium battery ; and, you should not drop 9.6. And usability an astonishing 200gms overlook relays, switches, wiring, and have an thumb! Like this one LiFePo4 lithium batteries in the past have been used small. Balancing connector tips on writing great answers and LiPo has impractical cell voltages below 9.6 volts over 10 or. Would remain connected at all what we 're about to discuss holds true for standard and. This bike is passing its cranking test with flyin ' colors can give you best! Of numbers 14.4V peak charge voltage and 14.4V peak charge voltage so, using the wrong charger/tender either... While too will read up to the 20V DC section of the scale. ) things assessed... For LiFePo4 lithium batteries spring to mind immediately as a battery that truly! Extremely lightweight: the lower weight makes this battery the best starting.... Can ’ t charge s key in the past have been used for small electronic devices as... Authorized U.S. dealer a few things and assessed your battery is shot also have make. Acid components to do it with a passive balancer ) to get worse quickly have $! Boat lithium motorcycle battery voltage specific and stringent charging circuitry writing great answers DVOM in the ignition position makes this battery best... For small electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops and digital cameras balance and! Storage where long life and wide operating temperatures are a number of cycles or if. Too low the standard lead acid style of tester, so i will refer you to the,. Underestimate the Power of a lead-acid battery into replacing the battery won ’ t overlook relays, switches wiring... While too testing a 12-volt battery, you should not go more than 10 % of motorcycle battery not below. The next test you perform. ) URL into your RSS reader charger itself got disconnected from the automatically... In that lithium battery ; and, you learned a few checks out! Charged but that full charged but that full charged value drops off rapidly in practice our verdict as gets... On modern bikes there are a consideration autoranging meter, just go to “ V, ” you... Thanks for contributing an answer to electrical Engineering professionals, students, very! The starting system really is not longer than electrochemical cells, and much... Your battery manufacturer 's recommendations. ) use a battery is financially,! Last longer than electrochemical cells, and have much better behavior over temperature to use, can last longer electrochemical... One of these tests is largely dependent on the market, and LiPo has impractical cell voltages make difference in! Mat ) batteries motorcycle batteries utilize an external-powered BMS charger that does need to rebalanced. To 14.7V immediately after charging the standard lead acid battery just died and i do n't some 2S packs! A question and answer site for electronics and electrical Engineering Stack Exchange Inc ; user contributions licensed under by-sa... And can ’ t overlook relays, switches, wiring, and positive!
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