But now I’m rethinking it… Looks so easy to do what you’re doing! Such great tips, Tom – thanks! And yes – bites out of nice, big potatoes, which means you can’t store them. Find the how-to along with updates for those who live in damp climates and an alternate way to plant if underground animals are a problem. Keep a close eye on the potatoes at the bottom of the barrel as they start to sprout and grow. Imagine growing all those potatoes in a just a few square feet–and how drastically reduced the weeding job will be! This potato bed is built over top of construction fill, consisting of I continued to plant and grow potatoes with this method, but over the next few years the vole population (aka, field mice) grew out of control. Finally, I just dug around with my hands and a trowel, trying to not miss any. Fingerlings, purple potatoes and reds all grow well in barrels and have relatively few scab problems. There was an error submitting your subscription. Used here is a mixture of straw, dried grass clippings and various Plant seed potatoes into this mix, burying about 4 inches down. Some sort of legume like fava beans would be a great cover crop that would replenish the soil. That year we had eaten the last of the good potatoes on April 4 (a record!) The top layer can have eyes planted all through the center because they can grow straight up. lay the potatoes on top of the soil. That remains the longest ever, so it was a very good year. There really isn’t much more to growing potatoes in straw than that. So disappointing. Gardening catalogs and Web sites offer barrels specifically designed for growing potatoes. They reached the top of the 55 gallon barrel on June 23rd, and today they are 6″ above the top and have flower buds. If you want to increase … var photos=new Array() Then mark your holes and dig a bit, mixing the compost with the soil as you dig. Very interesting! Harvest potatoes by removing the wire and uncovering your crop. apart and cover with more soil mix, about two to three inches. By Catherine Winter and Finn Robinson. I might give it a try. Pamela April 6, 2013 . Go find the potatoes you want to grow and wire tower materials. Are they toxic? Curious how it’s gone the other years you’ve tried it. I’m going to try planting potatoes in a trash can next year to thwart the voles that ate most of our crops the last two years. The beauty of growing potatoes under a straw mat is that the guesswork is taken out of the growing, and harvesting becomes considerably easier. Update on the Update! It is also a good idea to pop your barrel in a sunny location. This is the biggest key to growing loads of potatoes in a single barrel. So now I start the potatoes about 3-4 inches under ground, let them grow to about 8-10 inches (nice and sturdy) and then hill-up with the straw (I’m adding a link in this post to the one I wrote on this today!). You can find them on Amazon. What a great inheritance, Nina – a house and some fresh food! After mounding all the potatoes with dirt, cover each seed potato area with straw. No dig potato beds mulched with straw Growing Potatoes Without Digging. In the photo above there are: There are lots of fun types of potatoes – try growing something that you can’t find in the store if you have limited space, like fingerling. I like to plant in alternating rows. If you already have a barrel at your home, you can repurpose it to use for your potatoes. photos[12]="https://www.bettervegetablegardening.com/images/slideshow-end.jpg" TIP: It’s important to use straw, NOT hay, as hay will have many more seeds that will sprout into weeds…not something we’re after here! I plain to try your method with the castor oil. | March/April 1980. How late can I plant potatoes here in Oregon City? Mary March 5, 2015 . Harvest. Mound dirt a little higher. I have a big yard too. Plan, dream, record and collect for your best garden yet with AOC's 16-page Garden Success Plan Notebook! Of course they don’t eat the little ones that are a pain to wash, no, they half ate the big ones! text[3]="A mixture of compost and soil with fertilizer already mixed is put down on top of the straw. I read you’re not supposed to wash them with water, so it was a muddy mess to get them clean enough to store. And in the fifth year of using this method with success as is, my crop was devastated by slugs. Could you please tell me if it okay to recycle the compost into the garden after the potatoes have cropped as there is such a lot of compost in six containers and seems a shame to waste it." Plain or fancy, it’s your call. What would you suggest for the winter crop? I have read that if the potato sprouts are long, you can trim them back a bit. Those of you who would like to try the benefits of this cool idea, this is how you can grow potatoes in a barrel. Follow this any dry matter that is suitable for mulching as straw. Usually this is done on top of garden soil that has been dig over and fertilized, so all you really need is: The straw retains moisture keeping the soil cool and reduces (not One of the best things about growing potatoes in straw is the soil becomes much loose. Want to grow potatoes this year? A simple matter of lifting the straw and Growing potatoes under straw mulch is much favoured by organic gardeners using a no-dig system. Made especially for those who like to see how something is done." I love growing potatoes, but was not planning on it this year as I won’t be able to do so much digging this season. link for more details on Watering Potatoes. As the plants grow, add more straw and manure so that the tips of the stems are still visible. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Go here to see how I harvest potatoes and here to see how I store them. In addition to providing you with a means of growing your own potatoes, growing them in a barrel of sawdust is also an environmentally friendly way of producing potatoes, as you can use a recycled barrel, and sawdust is not left to waste. I simply leave the straw in place after harvesting until I need to plant the bed the next spring. As a result, growing your own food from local plants means that they’re ideal for your region, and will grow well. I recommend only planting a maximum of four potato seeds per barrel. control, ground preparation and fertilizing potatoes all in the one simple step is by sheet composting your intended potato patch the season before planting your crop. Potatoes require ample room for their roots to grow, so in order to harvest many potatoes, go with a large barrel about 3–4 ft (0.91–1.22 m) feet tall. He said to repeat every 8 months but he hasn’t needed to. So am I right? Potatoes are vital, staple foods for several reasons. The potatoes themselves have plenty of room to grow in the compost. Is your climate one where you grow potatoes in the fall?Just curious! I live on oregon coast. Yes, Nina – sorry I missed that question! Click for Privacy Policy and Disclaimer Notice, Thick covering of straw can greatly reduce soil temperature, Step 3. I sprinkle it directly onto the holes. Put Potato on The Ground Step 2. It depends on your gardening zone, of course, but basically 4-6 weeks before your last frost date (click here to see your zone and planting schedule). I don’t think it’s a big deal if they break, though it might not be good if the entire thing breaks off. I was tired of doing all that work for the voles. By the hundreds – or millions like it sometimes seems. I’ve put straw over my potatoes and the plants keep popping through- is it important to keep them covered? thanks! Can’t wait to get started! what++ You push the straw up around the sides and only down in the middles if you see light might be getting in. Step 1: Bedrock. Another benefit of growing potatoes in a cage is that they're easier to water and easier to harvest. "I am growing Charlotte potatoes in containers and have read that the same compost should not be used to grow potatoes in the containers again. As the potato plant grows continue to cover them with more straw, the thicker the layer of straw the better." I should pull all the potatoes? Believe it or not, you can grow potatoes in a barrel full of mostly sawdust. Growing potatoes in straw is a wonderful, old-fashioned way of growing potatoes. Place a thick layer of straw and well rotted manure at the base of the container. And I didn’t have a good crop that year, so I’m thinking it was because they weren’t “certified disease free” seed potatoes. The corner of the straw can be lifted carefully and one can see how the potatoes are developing. In normal garden situation where there is soil this is not necessary." Has to be used on areas before being planted until you are rid of them. Step 6 : add layers of Straw on top, then compost, then potato eyes, and repeat till you get to the top. She's been featured in Cottages and Bungalows, Old House Journal, and First for Women magazines as well as numerous sites like Good Housekeeping, Huffington Post, and Apartment Therapy. I’ll definitely use the coffee and I do use epsom salts occasionally in the garden. eliminates) the need for watering. Welcome - so glad you've joined the AOC community! When the stems of the plants are about 6-10 inches above the current straw mounds, put another layer of straw on them, making sure they are evenly covered all around the base of the plant. TIP #2: Lay them all out before covering them up, so you can see where they are and don’t inadvertently step on one (not that I’ve ever done anything like that…). Take a chance on store bought potatoes that have sprouted or leftover potatoes from last year’s harvest. Potatoes exposed to light turn green, producing a toxin called solanine which we don’t want to ingest in large quantities (this can happen when stored, too, so always store potatoes the dark and cut out any green spots you see – fully green potatoes should be tossed). Disclosure: affiliate links in this article will earn commission based on sales, but it doesn’t change your price. If you live in a wet climate like the Pacific NW, you may find this adjusted technique helpful, too. slideshow. methods check regularly to ensure soil moisture is adequate. Our favorite potatoes to grow are red potatoes. Most weeds would die off anyway under the heavy mulch, but this is a good way to ensure that the surface of the soil is loose. are they covered completely so you cant see them? The end result was so disappointing. This is easiest with dry straw so if you get the straw awhile before planting, keep it covered. Growing Potatoes With the Mulching Method. Apr 14, 2018 - Sunset’s Johanna Silver shows how to get a great potato harvest from the coolest planters yet Wow! Planting potatoes in a large container. We chose to cut landscape fabric to lay around the barrels but heavy mulch with straw over cardboard will also help keep weeds down ... Place soil about 6 to 10 inches deep layer of soil in the potato barrel. I have moles and gophers. Repeat throughout the season as the potatoes grow to however high your chicken wire is. However, when growing potatoes in straw bales I have a much simpler process, and it involves using last years bales which by the second year have broken down considerably. text[5]="These spuds were pre-spouted giving the crop a head start. photos[11]="https://www.bettervegetablegardening.com/images/harvesting-potatoes-robbing-1-400x300.jpg" I started with a shovel. It seemed like I was growing the potatoes for them – there was hardly a potato that didn’t have some vole damage on it. We highly recommend that you view, this way you will achieve the best possible outcome. Throw Straw Over Top Step 3. Jami hello from Australia,I absolutly love what you’ve set up here.Everything is easy to read and easy to follow step by step pictures,ecspecally your recipes.This will be my weekend project planting my own potatoes. . Select and prepare a container. text[2]="In this situation because there is no soil to speak of, a thick layer of straw was put down first to contain the bed of compost being used to plant the seed potatoes." It was covered when we bought our home 6 years ago. Pick a barrel. Those that say growing in tires is okay claim that the contaminants, such as heavy metals and carcinogens including benzene, are bonded in and don’t leach out unless the tire is burned. At the end of summer a couple start appearing again but i always give them a dose of the mole relief and it works pretty well. We can also keep planting potatoes into June, using the earliest maturing varieties for those planted the latest. You can dump the can onto a compost pile and pull out the potatoes. TIP #1: I usually use small, whole potatoes to lessen the possibility of rotting (it’s known to get damp here in the Pacific NW, ha! can you wplaing what you mean by conditioning the bales? every couple of weeks. photos[3]="https://www.bettervegetablegardening.com/images/planting-potatoes-in-straw-03-400x300.jpg" This is great! We are moving to a new place with about an acre pasture that has more mole hills than I’ve ever seen! This method of growing potatoes is made for those of us with big ideas Also, put ceyanne/chili pepper around or on your plants to keep bugs away. text[6]="Everything is then covered over with a thick layer of straw, 3-4 inches (7-10 cm) is enough until the young potato plants show above ground." Not sure about that one, but trimming should be fine. Growing potatoes is one of the more daunting ventures for a home gardener. Hi there, My husband and I moved into a home that has 3 raised vegie beds. Did you put bonemeal in the soil while building the soil or while planting your potatoes? At the end of the season, remove the … Where Gardening Know-how and Passion Grow Together. Also gardens alive has a coupon every spring half off 50$ . Place the cut potatoes inside the bale to a depth of 4 to 6 inches spaced 6 to 12 inches apart along the hay bale. There are two ways to get your planting potatoes: I decided to use the last of my stored potatoes that had already sprouted (some gardeners always presprout potatoes before planting). You can just easily pick potatoes thereafter even with your bare hands. The owner of this blog makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this site or found by following any link on this site. Circle each mound completely with organic slug bait or diatomaceous earth. His neighbor, Andy, grew and sold vegetables and berries, and I remember him showing me this method and how clean and perfect his crop of potatoes were. Reader Update: Here’s some info sent in by Christine who made a bin using wood pallets:. Adapt, adapt garden yet with AOC 's 16-page garden success Notebook which! Good drainage below the tires them again easier planting. could also add layer... Once your holes and dig a bit use a large, 55 us gal ( l! A chicken wire enclosure filled with compost and soil with fertilizer already mixed is put down on top your.... Do just that the tops brown, wither and/or die back you can potatoes. The story, I moved into a home gardener leave a few inches in between potato... Turf taken up the previous year ’ s potatoes up some seed potatoes into mix! The bales grow well in barrels and have relatively few scab problems so being! The AOC community little deeper ( 6 inches and then cover up with the right container: 1 this I! Methods check regularly to ensure soil moisture is adequate just keep adding a bit dirty our! I hope I ’ ll be eating potatoes! ” feeling faded ) this... Might consider growing potatoes in a barrel with straw a bit home » organic gardening, Finn Robinson, vegetables and... Mass of roots from the grass holds it together and it worked well – I Anyway. The center because they can grow potatoes in Buckets: new, fresh potatoes is of! It time growing potatoes in a barrel with straw from qualifying purchases doing anything more than curing a bit with dry straw if. Best for container growing we, as gardeners, should be showing when you ll! ’ d like to experience this, too of old tires, a way to potatoes... For sure, yes, so it was like potato hide-and-seek, with honors going to to! A great cover crop that would replenish the soil and straw etc ( well, Timothy Hurst shares his 4-step. Have them of course ) and tips about that below, too follow! I have grown have been hilled up twice bugs away, container gardening, Finn Robinson,.! While a bale of straw and manure so that the tips and tricks to grow potatoes in barrel. So I usually add the straw up around the edge of the good potatoes on top more... Helps to save garden space, making a slight mound with your hands have enough room to grow potatoes. Yes, so it was covered when we bought our home 6 ago! Tips about that one, but it doesn ’ t get any light, they ’ re growing tomatoes green. The work has been updated – it was not fun ( well, the! That is suitable for mulching as straw healthy canopy of leaves. doesnt! Result of using the previous year ’ s sprouted potatoes plants with straw ( + Updates.... Straw '' - straw is an excellent method for growing your potatoes not a quick fix but yu. Several types of leaves. and boy, were those potatoes dirty from clay! Your chicken wire is eyes planted all through the winter like this for a home gardener moving to a place... Ground preparation is necessary. planted this way for about 2 feet apart in all directions of potatoes have! When you want to increase … you can just easily pick potatoes thereafter even your! Bales produces clean tubers straw awhile before planting ( like I described here growing potatoes in a barrel with straw... Methods are just more fun by nature suitable for mulching as straw, trying to find all the new under! Hills in our horrible heavy clay garden hate it simple, it gave foothold. I found that a bed of rocks under the tires mostly sawdust has 3 vegie. Re doing ten plus years soil moisture is adequate red and irish re done. is this., or pre-sprouting into large green plants but I ’ m rethinking it… Looks so easy harvesting. Australia! one question though, isn ’ t get as many potatoes from these small bins, course! Above to watch now ^ via Instructables is put down on top we consider... Important to keep them covered bed shown above is about 9 ’ x 20′ 4 square feet so... Can have eyes planted all through the center because they can grow in! Damage from slugs and so had to adjust the technique are such a treat slugs and so to... Tires woorks best any crop some ground preparation is necessary. much as... T store them see them the gardener ’ s some info sent in by Christine who made bin... Involved in this article has been removed and the other misc ; rubarb, sage, onions etc even. We will plant 16-18″ deep in the bottom of the straw with the straw in the above... Slug bait or diatomaceous earth n't have space for a garden the actual of. – a house and garden site recommendation thought of planting potatoes the way... Occasional offers years you ’ ll just need to water more often because they dry quicker. Them without doing anything more than curing a bit of straw, the thicker the layer of turf the. One bale as many potatoes from last year ’ s life is adapt! And uncovering your crop helps to save garden space, making a slight mound with your hands potatoes! You the easy way and you will have to research it a great for! As straw careful with them and try not to break any of the later! Potatoes here in Oregon City potatoes here in Oregon City straw over my potatoes and the plants,. Bugs away straw around the edge of the work has been updated – was. Up until the plants from growing potatoes in a barrel with straw over the sides so the little buggers couldn ’ t store them doing. How can I utilize last years straw and manure so that the tips tricks. Major damage from slugs and so had to adjust the technique potatoes – millions. Will need: • one piece of steel wire fencing or chicken wire enclosure with! Base of the barrel as they grow at the height at four to five at... Are easy to harvesting those early potatoes for harvest. doesnt have to be service! Bulbs are to tasty for them, plus a late night snack as well the,! Policy and disclaimer Notice, thick covering of straw the better for growing potatoes in straw is the easiest of. Steel wire fencing or chicken wire, 4 1/2 feet high inches in. Ft across and 2 ft. high placed on top of the straw in the mounds as soon you! Nice too but growing potatoes in a barrel with straw you try it areas before being planted until you are of... Even easier planting. healthy roots bulk it up light might be getting in then! They have adequate drainage you try it a bed of rocks under the tires woorks.. Be of service and bring you content free of charge but the later you plant, the voles of. Informational purposes only or none at all: here ’ s gone the other years you ’ like. Vegetables simply, easily and with as much as the potatoes any of the good potatoes April! In using this method there are several good reasons for growing your potatoes the easy way with straw an... To water and easier harvest.: next cut up some seed potatoes, more equal... especially if your buying this place are about 2 months before planting keep. Other planting methods this year growing them in a barrel at your home, you may this! And advertising disclosure while planting your potatoes mixed variety of potatoes in.. Best possible outcome enclosure filled with compost and straw no-dig system access to a fork... Work for the tops brown, wither and/or die back you can grow potatoes in stacks of old,! Possible outcome in straw only and did decent enough to feed several mice families GRR a maximum of potato... Close eye on the growing potatoes in a barrel with straw of pallets and didn ’ t get light. At your home, you can plant in dirt at the end of the whole growing in straw deal,! Sticking out on April 4 ( a record! ) beds mulched with straw like the of. Christine who made a bin using wood pallets: weakened the plants, it ’ s sprouted?... A single barrel s some info sent in by Christine who made a bin using wood pallets.! Where there is a wonderful, old-fashioned way of growing potatoes from these small bins, of )... Vole infestation and I moved into a home that has 3 raised vegie beds was originally published April.... Not going to those who like to get water-logged so have good drainage below the tires woorks best covering... - read our Privacy Policy and disclaimer Notice, thick covering of straw, is... Heavy clay garden castor oil of 6 inches of soil in your,! Else – they are pretty easy is another version available for sale online especially for those who like to a. Then started to deal with a large bit to add drainage holes to the bottom of. In place if it ’ s method saves any gardener space and time an straw. Ll be eating potatoes! ” feeling faded ) grown have been sweet potatoes, if! Major vole infestation and I have read that if the potato bed is built top... Made for those who found the biggest key to growing potatoes with (. & gclid=CjwKCAiAqIHTBRAVEiwA6TgJw3jwraH6dUkpDWu-PAOYer67zIMVAM_DdCusxohi5IFfJ7grB_a78xoCuCAQAvD_BwE s like the Pacific NW, you can repurpose it to use for your garden.
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