For the most part, that 30-minutes would have to include a lot of sitting in traffic, which would mean staying within, say, 15 or 20 miles of Boston at the most. © 2020 North of Boston. Cities with a lot of jobs are Westford, Lowell, Chelmsford, Billerica, Burlington, Andover, Boxborough, If you won't go more than 45 minutes, then your best bet is to stay in Boston. Waltham is almost the dead center for commuting in the Boston Metropolitan area. The cities I mention above are generally less than 1 … Boston is more financial. Discover a coastal neighborhood minutes from Boston, a swish town you’d never guess had bargains, and an under-the-radar city that’s luring new residents with the area’s slickest subdivision. Boston is one of the greatest cities in the United States with some of the best colleges, hospitals, and activities compared to other cities. Woburn residents also averaged the shortest commute time, thanks in part to the fact that the city is conveniently located between Routes 128 and 93. If you're planning a road trip or exploring the local area, make sure you check out some of these places to get a feel for the surrounding community. 5 Boston Suburbs Within a 20 Minute Commute (or Less!) Neighborhood associations have formed around … This is a list of smaller local towns that surround Boston, MA. City of Boston is rolling back its reopening Dec 20, 2020 First Time Trip to Nantucket, August, '21 Dec 18, 2020 Celebrate Mother's anniversary February 14th 2021 Dec 18, 2020 Unofficially, Boston has many overlapping neighborhoods of various sizes. It is also … The Boston Redevelopment Authority, the City Parking Clerk, and the City's Department of Neighborhood Development have also designated their own neighborhoods. Local towns near Boston, MA. Technically, my town is said to be "30 minutes from Boston" (which it is if you use Route 93 in the middle of the night or on some Sunday mornings). Average commute time: 24 minutes; Woburn has more amenities per capita than any other Boston suburb we ranked, so you’ll never have to go outside the city limits to get something you need. The islands in Boston Harbor are administered as part of the Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area.. February 21, 2017 by Michael DiMella Boston. Website designed and developed by Sperling Interactive.. Plan a Visit Our Cities and Towns; Accommodations; Restaurants; Museums & Attractions Yup, witches: Much of the city of approximately 40,000 people less than 45 minutes from Boston is bound up in the early 1690s hysteria that resulted in several executions for witchery. What towns/cities within a 30-45 minute commute of Waltham, MA have reasonable prices for single family homes? Lynnfield- An upscale bedroom community on the North Shore, Lynnfield may be the farthest north that you can go for the quintessential beautiful, affluent, top school suburb while still staying close enough to Boston to commute in under 30 minutes. You can also search for cities 100 miles from Boston, MA (or 50 miles or 30 miles).
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