Our Top Pick for Athletes, the Thule Chariot Cross 2, is an impressive piece of equipment, with solid rankings at or near the top of the pack in all the categories we tested. Cycles: MyKick. This trailer is bomb proof in adverse weather conditions, even spring snow storms in the mountains. In its favor, the Cross comes with a strolling conversion setup, and additional configurations for jogging and cross-country skiing are available for purchase, though they are expensive add-ons. Thule EasyFold XT 2. Oops, link didn't work. Our test passengers kept asking for more time riding in the Chariot Cross. The Cadence’s system actually has two separate buckles which is a bit of a pain. Burley and Thule both have well-designed, high-quality weather covers that kill the competition. Arianne Brown is a mother of eight, freelance writer, and Unshoes ambassador. The large and adjustable sunshade keeps the kids cool, but may also upset children who don’t want to lose sight of Mom or Dad. No matter how fast you ride or how strong the wind blows, this cover is staying in place. The Thule Chariot Cross 2 is a tried and true favorite, winning awards across multiple categories. Single wheel design for narrow trails and pathways. This translates to small but noticeable amounts of feedback from the trailer to the bike in some instances, such as when pulling the trailer up a steep hill. » Featured, Gear Reviews » 2018 Burley Encore vs. 2019 Burley D’lite X Stroller . Coil spring suspension. Wiki researchers have been writing reviews of the latest bike trailers since 2015. Unfortunately, when reclined there is a ridge of fabric between the seats. They also happen to make quality bike trailers at a good price point. Accessory mounts. They look extremely cool as well not that this matters to most, but ive gotten more than a fair share of comments from plenty of passers by. Just wanted to see if anyone here would recommend one over the other both as a bike trailer as well as a stroller (just a regular double stroller, I don’t plan on jogging with it or going on rough terrain). The ball-and-socket hitch design of the Thule trailers allowed for some back-and-forth play in the hitch, which created a lurching feeling while riding. The fully foldable, compact, and easy-to-use hitch-mounted bike rack for all types of bikes. About the Author: Arianne Brown. If steel is real then aluminium is supercallafragiliniun! I have a Burley D'Lite and I love it!!! There is slightly more behind-the-knee support for passengers in the D'Lite, which longer passengers will appreciate. BOB Gear. We like it far better than the Schwinn we started with. I plan to use my GT Peace 9er single speed as my baby carrier bike, I guess, mostly for rail train type riding. If you have (or will soon have) young children and plan on many years of biking for thousands of miles over rough terrain in all types of weather, it is worth considering the investment required for the Chariot Cross. The Thule Chariot Cross was one of our best-scoring products in this category and was only narrowly edged out by our Editors' Choice award winner, the Burley D'Lite X. All trademarks property of their respective owners And ever since then, we've made it our business to bring your closer to the world and your passion for life. Ummmm, with all due respect, I'm looking for consumer feedback, not manufacturer's propaganda. How does the Hamax Outback stack up against it’s closest competitors? The high price tag is justified for those who will take full advantage of its strengths, including its durability and outstanding performance in inclement weather. It clips up to the top of the frame when the Chariot is used as stroller or jogger. Top-ranked strollers were put to the test to find the best jogging style stroller on the market (Thule Chariot Cross 2, Grand Safari, Burley Solstice, Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight, Bumbleride Speed, Mountain Buggy Terrain and updated versions of the Thule strollers not shown). Most importantly my 3 year old and 1 year old love it. For Thule or Burley, you can order these directly from the brand. They are also holding gravity and inertia for questioning. The thoughtful design put into the Chariot Cross by the team at Thule has resulted in a simple, intuitive trailer that is a pleasure to use. The interior of the Chariot Cross is entirely fixed except for the independently reclining seats. The ball and socket hitch system on the Thule trailers is excellent, but ultimately proved less easy to use than the Burley system. Chariot Lite Multisport Trailer . The only true competitors in this category are the Hamax Outback and the Burley D'Lite X. Privacy | Cookies | Terms, The world's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear, Our Top Pick for Athletes, it is impressively durable and is designed to keep passengers comfortable during long rides in tough conditions. It was slightly easier for testers to adjust the suspension on the Cross while on the go compared to the D'Lite, but neither system is a slam dunk. Comparison: Hamax vs Thule vs Burley Bike Trailers. The leash that acts as a backup connection device between the bike and the tow arm is only just long enough to wrap around some bike struts we tested. The seats in the Chariot Cross are well-padded on the shoulders, sides, and front so passengers can ride for hours without getting a sore tush. Like all of the trailers we tested, the Cross meets the safety standards set by the ASTM. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. There is a satisfying click when the frame is pulled upright into position, and another when it gets folded up for storage. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. For hauling any cargo other than kids, the Cross is simply not as useful as the D'Lite which has seats that can be unclipped to lie flat. Burley D’Lite Double vs Burley D’Lite X These two iterations of this bike trailer are pretty much the same. Rolled down, Burley’s weather covers are crinkled and make the trailer look a … Trailer for Toddlers . Though not as versatile as the Burley D'Lite, it is a great multi-sport option including strolling, jogging, biking, and skiing.We recommend this trailer for parents serious about their outdoor pursuits. While the Chariot Cross is more versatile than the budget trailers we tested, it lost points in this category primarily because it lacked substantial cargo room. Can we rename this thread "The grand bicycle trailer thread". Urban Glide 2 Stroller (41) 41 reviews with an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Some do or know of folks with them for sale. We'll guide you through what to consider when deciding... by our Editor's Choice, the Burley D'Lite X, but you can get the same durability and ease of use for less with its pared-down sibling, the Thule Chariot Lite, the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews, Best hitch, lightweight, full roll cage, versatile, sun protection, Waterproof, simplicity of use, lots of add-ons, Lightweight, best hitch design, water-resistant, excellent value, Comfortable seats, large passenger space, adjustable interior, great safety features, Difficult to stow, not watertight, noise from parking brake, Expensive, not adjustable, little storage, No passenger padding, no bottom reinforcement, lacks versatility, Extremely heavy, large and bulky to store, not water-tight, Those willing to tow the weight of the Chariot Cross 2 will be rewarded with an exquisitely designed trailer that can handle all terrain and weather conditions, The D'Lite scored near the top of the pack in every metric we tested and provides unrivaled protection for passengers and outstanding versatility, The Lite 2 may be the less fancy sibling of the Chariot Cross, but it's still one of the safest and most user-friendly products we tested, The Bee is light and easy to use and delivers the durability and design quality Burley is known for at a bargain price, Kid passengers will love this well-cushioned, roomy trailer, but their parents may have a tough time pulling so much weight, Mesh, removable rain shield and sun shade, 2-in-1 mesh and rain shield, adjustabe sun shade. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support, Passenger comfort, totally weather-proof, easy to use. This along with the adjustable suspension offered on the mid and higher level models was a bonus. chariot's site no longer lists the sidecarrier, am I lost or has anyone heard whether it's been cancelled? Along with individually reclining seats, the Cross sports padding on the shoulders, waist, and crotch straps, with additional padding on the top of each seat. Designed for convenience and luxury, the Burley D'Lite X (appx. For families on the go, the quick and easy set up and break down of the Chariot Cross will save valuable minutes. Bike, jog, walk, or ski, everything you need to know. I bought a slightly used instep ez-(something?). They … Tool free assembly and take down. +1 for the Burley Bee. I feel the materials and attention to detail is at a high standard, safety is top notch and the way it folds up makes it SUPER easy to transport. Results. All the buttons that you need to push are clearly marked in blue and the button that collapses the frame is adjacent to a green/red color-indicator that make it clear when the rig is ready to go. Not only does it keep out rain and snow, it keeps passengers warm with the rain cover keeping heat in and wind out. 903202. As a comparison to the D’Lite, the Thule Chariot Cheetah is designed for four different activities: biking, … I love mine. How can we improve GearLab? Let us know! Although certainly not the cheapest on our list, this bike trailer offers great value for money: with two hammock-style seats, extra rear cargo space, UV-protected windows and foldable design, the trailer is comfortable, easy to use and store. Currently, the best bike trailer is the Thule Chariot Cross Sport. A safety cover on one side makes it difficult if not impossible to collapse the trailer by accident, such as when a child is still inside. It well-designed, durable, and will stand up well to thousands of hours of use. You help support OutdoorGearLab's product testing and reviews by purchasing from our retail partners. A small indicator panel, shown as red in this photo, clicks over to green when the frame is properly secured, giving parents peace of mind. Flatbed, Aluminum Utility Cargo Bike Trailer ABC 6 Action News Veteran Runs a Thousand Miles to Honer Other Soldiers Watch News Article. The trailer has spoked wheels and looks just like the schwinn trailer. For various reasons we had a schwinn and a chariot. Each of the trailers we tested attach to the bike with a steel adaptor that's clamped to the frame by the rear quick release skewer, and the Chariot Cross is no exception. Thule is known in the car accessory industry world as being a pioneer of product design and high quality. While the Chariot Cross is an excellent choice for trips of all lengths and types, we felt that its outstanding seat comfort and customization make this an ideal option for endurance athletes who plan on doing longer rides over more varied terrain. Passenger comfort is key in a bike trailer — if your kids know their trailer is uncomfortable, they probably won't be too stoked when you suggest heading out for a ride. The infant kit has additional cushioned head protection on each side of your childs head, which they can rest on when sleepy, and keeps his head inline with his body. Burley Ballz™ hitching system. I use this trailer on paved rail/trail and put 2 kids inside (60 lbs). Unlike the Hamax Outback and the Burley Bee and D'Lite models, the Cross does not have a rear cargo hold. When the strolling wheels aren't in use, Thule has provided exterior mounts for them on the trailer frame so you don't have to store them with your passengers in the body of the trailer or muck them in with whatever's in your cargo pocket. While better than nothing, the pocket consistently proved too small to accommodate as much stuff as was needed to feel confident in taking the trailer on long outings that included any activities outside of biking. For more writings by her, search, “A Mother’s Write” on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter @A_Mothers_Write. Burley Design Solstice Vs Thule Urban Glide. When comparing the Thule Chariot to the Burley D'Lite the difference only ends up being about $20. For other trailers, you can order an adapter from The Robert Axle Project. Burley vs Thule. Gear Patrol This Is the Best Bike Trailer Active Parents Can Buy Read Review. Burley has a wide range of options from a very simple cycling only Bee trailer to the very nice do it all d’Lite trailer. Both Thule and Burley make an awesome trailer, and you cannot go wrong with either purchase. Im in the market for one also for my 2.5 yr old but cant afford a burley. Thule no longer produces the fit kit for your vehicle. 2012-Current MyKick. Worth every penny. Durable, sturdy and sensibly priced, the Burley Bee 2-Seat Bike Trailer offers the perfect combination of safety, performance and comfort. I went the cheap route last summer, less than $100. The Chariot Cross is smooth to tow and tracks the bike well. Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller (30) 30 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. It exceeds those standards by coming equipped with a permanent top frame bar, UV protection, and a handlebar that folds forward to provide an additional roll bar in case of a flip. The burley may be a good product, but the Chariot is a product I would recommend 100%. Thule Coaster versus Burley Honey Bee – Thoughts/recommendations? I have a Thule Cougar trailer and I would love to put these Burley fat tire wheels on it. (My wife will probably ride my old Fisher hardtail beater bike, which leaves the Santa Cruz free as my main bike.). These were the top two trailers we tested and picking a winner between the two was not easy. JavaScript is disabled. The set-up time for the Cross (nearly 37 minutes) is longer than with most trailers tested, but the payback comes with each subsequent use. You may want to discuss with Gregg or Francois the proper channels for advertising on this site. We found this system speedy and relatively easy to use. 03-27-2010 #6 All three trailers offer comfy, well-padded harnesses and adjustable, reclining seats. Upgrading to the D'Lite X for $100 more will buy you individually reclining seats. The six clips can be attached anywhere along the sides of the rain shield and ensure rain and wind will not penetrate the passenger compartment. This feature is especially useful on the long training rides of the endurance athlete, but it's pretty great for snooze cruises around the block, too. The Thule Urban Glide I decided has too narrow of a seat for what we want so trying to decide between the Burley and Bob at this point and time. Hi Jons, I purchased a Chariot CX1 recently for my 9 mos old and am completely in love with it. The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, Trek Sport Gobug Trailer - Penn Cycle for Bikes. This helps keeps kids in their own space, but it limits the utility of the main compartment for hauling anything else, such as dogs or groceries.
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