one-syllable verbs. PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE. What are you doing next week? smartphones and tablets). We use the present continuous tense: 1. + She’s meeting David at the train station tomorrow. This tense is taught for the first time to students who are complete beginners, and who have had exposure to a small quantity of verbs and vocabulary, so the examples you may give, or the practice itself, is rather limited. The teacher asks the students to recall some rules shown in the video, namely the form and the use of the verb tense, and registers the information on the board. Tutor: Edelbais UribeSubject: Language Systems I Student: Marysol Sanchez Group: 2nd Semester Evening Shift. A collection of ESL lesson plans and resources for teaching elementary-level students. 15 fun activities for Present Simple/Present Continuous. (Yes, that is what is happening right now) You are watching a video. | Lesson Plans for Spanish Kids Teachers Spanish KidStuff Lesson Plan: Actions - Present Continuous Page 3 of 8 Copyright Spanish KidStuff Visual lesson plans for teachers by Jamie Keddie. Our Present Continuous Lesson Plan Series: Our 5-part present continuous tense series is designed to take your students across the tense (positive, negative and question forms). Open the brackets and put the verbs in the right form. To make continuous verbs add-ing to the base verb:. Be careful! An elementary English lesson on how to use the present continous tense to talk about things we plan to do in the future. silent 'e' When the verb ends with a silent e, drop the e and add-ing:. Viewing a PowerPoint. it includes some productive activities which can give chance pupils to revise the form actively. When teaching the present continuous tense, one thing usually comes to mind. 19/4/16. this is a lesson plan for 5 graders. This lesson plan is for a one-hour class. Demonstrate the present continuous. Welcome to ESL Printables, the website where English Language teachers exchange resources: worksheets, lesson plans, activities, etc. 12 comments. Present continuous 1. This lesson employs an imaginary biography to get students asking questions and speaking about completed accomplishments (present perfect) and duration of activity (present perfect continuous). GapFillTyping_MTYyNzY= Present continuous questions. This printable present continuous worksheet helps students learn how the present continuous tense is used to describe temporary situations, unfinished actions happening now and future plans. Matching_MTYyNzM= Present continuous 2. you can use it after u give a general info abaout present continuous tense. Lesson plan. [adrotate banner=”7″] [adrotate banner=”12″] Lesson goals: At the end of this lesson students will learn how to form and when to use Present Continuous Tense (for future). They will be able to talk about plans they have for the future, using Present Continuous. They are often happening now, at this moment. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. There is also the future use of the present continuous “What are you doing on Monday?” but you might want to leave that for a different lesson. Present continuous 3. Part of a free online course for teaching and learning English, which includes follow-on activities and printable handouts. How and when we can use the Present Continuous for the future. An action happening right now at the moment of speaking. the example of lesson plan "Present Continuous Tense" Skill Discussed: Speaking (I choose speaking as a skill discussed on this teaching in order to make my students be able on speaking English, especially they can tell about what is happening to them and what is happening to the others) | Lesson Plans for ESL Kids Teachers ESL KidStuff Lesson Plan: Actions - Present Continuous Page 4 of 8 Copyright ESL KidStuff If you find the free materials useful and want complete access to all of our teaching resources, you should consider becoming a member . up. Each lesson contains a warm-up activity … These ideas will show you how to do the even more difficult task of combining them in practice activities, all of them done in simple and entertaining ways. The reviewer said that the lesson plan only needs changes in the STUDY phase, so feel free to skip to that. First, explain that the present continuous is something which is happening NOW – it's real time only. We usually use the present continuous when the activity has been arranged. When somebody is doing something right now or something is happening right now. All lesson plans tagged: Present continuous Doris and the raspberries. Present progressive introduction (15 minutes) In this part of the class, you will be teaching your students how the present progressive tense works. If you want to download you have to send your own contributions. Many students use only will or going to in order to talk about the future. This information is summarised below: In short, we use present simple to talk about actions that happen regularly – in general… This ESL lesson plan contains activities, games and resources for teaching the present simple and continuous to intermediate level students (B1). So, you need to explain: Uses; Structure; Begin with an example sentence in the simple present … ESL video lesson with an interactive quiz: Asking about the visuals . 5. Grammar can be a difficult aspect of learning a different language. 4/10/11. Low Performance managen. It can be confusing to teach two new concepts at once. Our collection is growing every day with the help of many teachers. Lesson Plan 4. Talking about the future in English. Steve is washing his hair. ý hope, u like it ;) ý used it in my own class and they love it. Present-Perfect-Continuous-2 In our second present perfect continuous lesson plan we examine the use of the tense with for, since and how long to express repeated activities (e.g. The teacher presents a PowerPoint with rules and uses of the Present Continuous form. Description: Lesson begins with some work on spelling with the present continuous tense. A reading leads onto a role play in which students use the present continuous to ask and talk about future plans. I’m going to the cinema at the weekend. However, it’s very common to use the present continuous to talk about the future, in the case of arrangements that are planned: + I’m having dinner with friends tonight. In Present-Continuous-1 we introduce the tense in the positive form. I'm revising present continous for next English lesson and I'm talking to my father who is helping me. Practice using English tenses - Present Simple and Present Continuous 2.3.1 We looked at present simple tense and present continuous tense in the previous unit, when we discussed the 5 most important tenses in English. The form of the Present Continuous Tense. present continuous tense lesson plan worksheet We use the present continuous (am/is/are + -ing) to talk about temporary things which have begun but haven't finished. The best way of teaching the present tenses is to compare and contrast them. 4. she has been taking piano lesson for years).We also provide review of the tense for activities that have just stopped or … continuous verbs. For short, one-syllable verbs, that end with consonant + vowel + consonant (CVC), we must double the last consonant and then add -ing: make becomes making take becomes taking . ESL video lesson with an interactive quiz: Grammar practice . Give each student a copy of the two-page worksheet. Plans, intentions and arrangements for the future – Present continuous tense. Teacher: Stepan Cristina School: ,, Arany Janos High School, Salonta Date: 27th of May 2016 Grade: 6th D Level: elementary Textbook: Enterprise coursebook Unit of learning: Come rain or shine! By Jamie Keddie Videotelling activity; YouTube animals; A2; Teens; Adults; Present narrative tenses; Chickens crossing. Innovative Lesson Plan Name of the Teacher : Stephy Thomas Standard: VIII Name of the School : CottonHill School Strength: Subject : English Period: Topic : Grammar Date: Sub- topic : Present Continuous Tense Duration: Concept : Present continuous tense Classroom Activity Student’s Response Classroom Interaction Teacher … Get Free Present Continuous Tense Lesson Plan now and use Present Continuous Tense Lesson Plan immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping. My brother is playing football with his friends tonight. I am teaching an English lesson. In this task students have to answer questions and complete and unscramble sentences having in mind the differences between present simple and present continuous. All of the activity and game ideas that we include can be used in low-resource classrooms and require little to no preparation time. 17 comments. Search. It gives all the students the opportunity to interact directly using Internet connected devices (e.g. In today's lesson we will be discussing the differences between the present simple and the present continuous.It is a common mistake for English learners to mix these two tenses up, but after this lesson you will know when to use the correct tense. The present continuous tense is used to refer to actions or situations that are happening now, at this moment. present continuous lesson plan. Certified Spoken English Class Language Learning Lessons. Practicing Present continuous tense Innovative Lesson Plan on Present Continuous Tense 1. Students often confuse the present perfect and present perfect continuous. – He isn’t coming to the party. In this lesson, students review the vocabulary and grammar from Lesson plans 41-50 of our Elementary English course plan, including cinema/movie vocabulary, travel verbs, basic phrasal verbs, infinitive of purpose, will + infinitive, imperative forms and basic uses of the present perfect. do becomes doing ask becomes asking. Are you having a party for your birthday? GapFillTyping_MTYyNzQ= future plans or arrangements: Mary is going to a new school next term. We can use the present continuous to talk about arrangements (plans which you have organised) in the future. TrueOrFalse_MTYyNzU= Present continuous 4. Present Simple or Present Continuous – kahoot quiz * provides an easy to do and very attractive tool to use in class.
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