This is really funny," the commentator added. Koreaboo has collected reactions from Netizens who commented on the original article from our Korean source. BTS, Red Velvet reaction to Bi Rain Rainism @ Golden Disk Awards 2017 توسط mota hareh 03:18 [KARAOKE-inst.] According to the user, the "visual" part isn't really pertaining to its literal meaning, but the word is equivalent to V - V of BTS and I - Irene of Red Velvet, and the "sual" means sealing. Red Velvet IRENE and SEULGI will release their 1st mini album “Monster” on July 13. The translation of the post states, “BTS and Red Velvet became close as they ran into each other often during their international promotions and award shows. Netizens who came across the article were first startled by the post but soon laughed at the reporter and tabloid stating that they did not have a single piece of evidence to prove this news and the picture of V and Joy together was a fan photoshopped picture. According to the user, the "visual" part isn't really pertaining to its literal meaning, but the word is equivalent to V - V of BTS and I - Irene of Red Velvet, and the "sual" means sealing. EXO Xiumin Expresses How Special Fans, Co-Members to Him Through Allure Korea, BTS V Hailed as 'K-Pop Artist Who Suits Winter Coat the Best' + See Full List, BLACKPINK Jisoo's Outfit Price Perfectly Matches Her Expensive Visuals in New Photos, This Is Why K-Pop Idols Use Cleansing Balms to Have Flawless Skin. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features BTS reaction to your dog jumping on them - could you pleeease do a bts reaction where you’re walking your dog and it jumps on them?? Such Red Velvet IRENE & SEULGI’s new song “Monster” MV teaser has been released! While performing “Red Flavor” at the 2019 Dream Concert in Seoul, Korea, Red Velvet‘s Joy panicked a little bit on stage because of the fireworks – and her fans are now completely fed up with her managing agency and stage producers for disregarding her trauma as a non issue. Some of the comments were, "Why is this nonsense but actually make sense?". All Rights Reserved. RED VELVET reaction - Quando elas acalma... RED VELVET reaction - Quando elas After uploading the article in Pann, fans and netizens' reactions were surprising. A picture of the two together sticking their lips out as if to kiss each other.”. On December 4th 2015, a Korean tabloid called “Korean Daily” released an article that claimed Red Velvet’s Joy and BTS V are in a relationship. ReVeluvs will get to spend some sweet time with Red Velvet‘s Wendy and have their hearts and souls soothed by her sweet reading voice! According to the comments, the post has eased their stress due to the full of gag, meaning and saying that they won't see the songs mentioned the same way again. Hope that in the future, Red Velvet will be able to show both toughness and softness, both in music and in Should You? According to the writer of the blog, she claimed that the two were dating, and they were hinting their love through the lyrics of their groups' respective tracks, BTS's "Boy with Luv" and Red Velvet's "Pyscho." On December 4th 2015, a Korean tabloid called “Korean Daily” released an article that claimed Red Velvet’s Joy and BTS V are in a relationship. "No, this is not even making me angry. BTS and Steve Aoki trailed the way, while Ellie Goulding and Diplo teamed up with Red Velvet, John Legend got romantic with Wendy and Lil Nas X and RM walked down Seoul Town Road 20 Jun 2020 - 3:00PM Cuando pasas mas tiempo con tu novio que con e... Wattpad no estará disponible por The author discussed V and Irene's part from the song and gave its "deeper meaning.". For now, though, it has become an inside joke between the two fandoms, ReVeluvs and ARMYs. This Is What We Know, BTS Jungkook Tops Google's '100 Most Searched K-pop Idols 2020:' SEE FULL RANKING, Billboard Releases Their ‘20 Best K-Pop Songs of 2020’ List, BTS, BLACKPINK, and TWICE Included in the Best 15 Singles from K-Pop Groups in 2020, Park Bom Mistreated by Manager + #RespectParkBom Trends on Twitter, Billboard Releases 'The 10 Best K-Pop Albums of 2020' List. Read RED VELVET from the story KPOP REACTION by MiaCunha2002 (Mariana Cunha) with 2,474 reads. In fact, in 2019, fans freaked out after seeing edited photos of the two idols, exuding a "visual" couple, and it's amazing how the pictures look real. 2017 MMA EXO, WANNA ONE, TWICE, IU reaction to RED VELVET 是在优酷播出的拍客高清视频,于2017-12-03 16:10:18上线。视频内容简介:2017 MMA EXO, WANNA ONE, TWICE, IU reaction to RED VELVET These Are The 11 Worst K-Pop Scandals In The Past 20 Years, “The Return Of Superman” Sam Hammington Reveals DMs From “Concerned BTS Fans”… And Other ARMYs Come To Apologize, Past Video Of VIXX Ravi’s Psychological Test From ‘1 Night 2 Days’ Resurfaces After Dating Rumors, 7 Worst Scandals Surrounding BTS That Shocked ARMY And The World, 21 Idols Who Debuted At An Astonishingly Young Age, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Releases Official Statement Denying Dating Rumors With VIXX’s Ravi, BTS’s RM Couldn’t Hide His Soft Spot For OH MY GIRL’s Arin And TXT’s Soobin, Here’s Why I-ARMYs Got The Korean Word “Sobok Sobok” Trending Online… And What It Means, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon And VIXX’s Ravi Said To Have Been Dating For A Year, The 7 Biggest Differences Between K-Pop and American Pop, So how many boyfriends is Joy supposed to have? Looking at "Boy With Luv" lyrics, V's part sings the lyrics "Your every picture, 내 머리맡에 두고 싶어 oh bae (I want to keep it by my bedside Oh Bae). BTS reaction Red Velvet 'Dumb Dumb' BTS reaction Red Velvet 'Dumb Dumb'-2200% Длительность: 3:42 Просмотров: 808 905 Добавлено: 25.12.2020 Популярные видео 4 324 1:48:52 Birds Of … The below comments are the most popular comments at the time of this article being published. In particular, the female idol's surname is Bae. Victoria's Secret Models Get This Treatment Before Shows. RED VELVET - PEEK-A-BOO توسط Looking at "Boy With Luv" lyrics, V's part sings the lyrics, Stylist Reveals the Secret to TWICE Dahyun’s Perfect Skin, 29th Philippines-Korea Cultural Exchange Festival Makes History During Pandemic, Here's Why ITZY Lia is NOT a Lazy Dancer Like What Haters Claim, Do You Know Why Dating Is Complicated In K-pop World? People’s expectations are gathering from around the world for first unit debut from Red Velvet. The lead singer of Red Velvet has performed for North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and her band is hugely successful, but it is being a role model for young women that matters the most to her. Usually, when a dating rumor between two idols came, people react in various ways, including not being happy about it, and some were also annoyed. BTS V also reacts differently when Irene is present, according to fans, leading them to create videos showing the glances, smiles, and cute moments shared by Irene and V. And while this has been a topic for quite long, SM Entertainment and Bighit Entertainment haven't confirmed anything. 原名:BTS reaction to Red Velvet - Power Up at Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards 2018 [part 2] 来自YouTube 不混某个特定的饭圈了,现在韩圈路人,也别再跟我逼逼了 © Copyright 2017 ©anyanunim [ not revised ] The translation of the post states, “BTS and Red Velvet became close as they ran into each other often during their international promotions and award shows. The writer is pertaining that V is alluding that he wants to keep every picture of Irene. thank you crying over got7 fics for got7, bts, exo, red velvet and blackpink. Red Velvet Joy and BTOB Sungjae's Ship Continues to Sail As Fans Reminisce Their Moments (Photo : Twitter) #BBYU and #SungJoy couple ship are still alive! This is the first time Wendy appeared after the accident and the first product with 5-member line up after the Irene scandal. Netizens felt happy … requests are open // oh and I wrote Wife Swap// m.list Home Requests are open, my friends! Red Velvet’s latest clip received many compliments. Irene: Ela ficaria envergonhada por tentar deixar você com ciúmes.Ela provavelmente se desculparia por agir de maneira tão imatura e On November 5th, the girl group Red Velvet released a season greetings video on YouTube. Another fan exclaimed, "Hilarious! bts, snsd, redvelvet. Dec 19, 2019 - i wonder what we would've become if you were a better man. In addition to this, the user added another "proof" to her claim that the two were dating through Irene's part in "Pyscho." exo, bigbang, sf9. She has this rap that goes, "Hey, trouble경고 따윈 없이 오는 너 I'm original, visual 우린 원래 이랬어, yeah.". During HyunA's "Lip & Hip" stage during the 2017 Melon Music Awards, the female soloist is seen pushing her chest up during the point part of the song. K-Pop Singer Wendy From Red Velvet Hospitalized After Stage Accident The Korean band Red Velvet did not perform at a Christmas Day event following member Wendy's accident. Read RED VELVET from the story •KPOP REACTION• by nctxpentagon (arihxgac) with 5,525 reads. Red Velvet “is a name that combines strong, glamorous color “red” with the feeling of a soft, feminine item, “Velvet”. On May 12, the dating rumor of BTS's V and Red Velvet's Irene was brought again by K-netizens in an online Korean community site after a user listed her so-called "proofs" in an attempt to solidify the relationship of the two K-pop idols. RED VELVET reaction - Ao te provocarem ciúmes, mas depois se desculpam. NETIZEN REACTIONS Image: @RV_DoubleS/Twitter On March 20, it was revealed that Wendy would be the upcoming reader for the April 12 airing of MBC Radio ‘s Listen To Books , a … This is the best! Why are you good at squeezing things?". According to stories V is close to EXO’s Baekhyun and he was the one who introduced Joy and V. Joy and V have been keeping their relationship going privately messaging each other. Pfft. Netizens began to support Irene again. However, fans are claiming that the alleged "proofs" are utterly hilarious. Meanwhile, the dating rumor between the two has been going on and off for years now, which started from the "shippers" of Irene and V. The ship, called "VRENE," was made by fans who were hoping that the two will end up together due to their chemistry.
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