Lemon is a natural bleaching agent. Get a handful of dried herbs. Oats aren’t just for breakfast — they’re for skin care, too. Fill a pint-sized jar with the sugar scrub and seal with lid. 12 ounces granulated sugar (I use organic cane sugar) 6 ounces melt-and-pour soap base – it can be clear or white (get it here or learn to make your own glycerin soap base) 4 ounces oil of your choice (jojoba, grapeseed, avocado oil, etc.) To soften the coconut oil, microwave the jar for a few seconds before measuring. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make sugar scrub, you’re in for a treat. Mix the ingredients, and store it in a jar and there is your scrub mixture. Put the following in a bowl: 3/4 cup of sugar; 1/4 c olive oil; 1T herbs (1-3 different kinds if you like) Step 5: Make Your Sugar Scrub Recipe. It’s so refreshing and summery, the perfect way to … By accessing or using the Plant Therapy website you agree to the use of cookies. Sugar scrubs are already great for your skin, but this Rose Sugar Scrub is even better for the skin than most. It really doesn’t get much more simple than this folks. 1. Back To TOC. Now we come to our recipe. Just about any thing from your spice cabinet or baking ingredients will make your sugar scrub extra special. Honey & Brown Sugar Scrub. Buzz them in the coffee grinder until you’re sick of it. Add other essential oils to each batch to create different sugar scrubs. I also occasionally add things like powdered milk and honey. Get the full recipe here. 8. After several uses, your skin will be more supple and moisturized. I like basil. Sugar scrubs the dead skin cells off your feet. Oatmeal and yogurt scrub . Sugar Scrub Recipes for Flawless Skin. Try This Recipe Next: Cranberry Sugar Scrub. Besides smelling good, pine needles can benefit the skin with their antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, making them a perfect fit for my sugar scrub. 2. These DIY sugar scrub cubes are sized perfectly for individual use. For a general sugar scrub for mix 1 cup grapeseed oil, ½ cup half and half brown and white sugar (fine grains), and any of these combinations of essential oils: 2 drops lavender+ 2 drops lemon 3 drops rose+ 1 … It’s so versatile! 7. DIY Peppermint Sugar Scrub Recipe. 1 tablespoon brown sugar (the finer, the better) 1 tablespoon honey, preferably raw Start with just two ingredients to make this easy sugar scrub recipe, then customize it the way you like. In fact, oats can be found in many types of skin care products. Thus, it may help clear any blemishes from the skin. All it takes is a few minutes and some basic ingredients! Sugar Scrub Recipes for Face, Hands, & Feet . This sugar scrub is so simple, easy and low-cost, that I often make extra jars to giveaway as gifts. Below you’ll find the recipe for this sugar scrub. I prefer coconut oil but any kind of oil can be used. I would advise you to make it and let it sit for 2-4 weeks to get the maximum benefit from the pine needles you include in it. Using the tips of your fingers, gently rub scrub into clean face. For this sugar scrub recipe, you’ll need organic white or brown sugar, coconut oil, and essential oils. Literally. Crush the petals, and blend them with coconut oil and sugar to create a luxurious body scrub. Rose Petal Sugar Scrub from Happiness is Homemade: This simple, natural sugar scrub is a beautiful way to make the most of the roses you get for holidays and special occasions. Rub the sugar lip scrub onto your lips once or twice a week, vigorously enough to get rid of the dead skin cells. SUGAR SCRUB. I’ve used a basic sugar scrub for years, using just olive oil and white sugar for the base. In the instructions below you’ll get ideas for how to customize the basic recipe. The Plant Therapy website uses cookies for a variety of reasons. Almond oil helps nourish and moisturize dry, chapped lips while sugar is a natural exfoliator for healthy lips. Creating a sugar and honey based scrub is the perfect and inexpensive DIY solution to your skin’s needs. Bubblegum Lip Scrub If you need extra exfoliating, use ground oatmeal or rice powder. Sugar Scrub For Lips: Mix one tablespoon of brown or white sugar with a dash of honey (just enough to make sugar really stick together).Alternatively, you can use a bit of olive or coconut oil. Simple Herbal Tea Sugar Scrub Recipe. Sugar scrubs are hands down the easiest beauty DIY. Cucumber Mint Sugar Scrub – Soften up that dry flaky skin with this all natural sugar scrub. They are perfect for combating the dry, flaky skin that always used to plague me every winter. The orange peel present in this DIY lip scrub recipe is excellent for treating dark and discolored lips. Lemon Honey Sugar Scrub: Same recipe as the main recipe above but only use 1/4 cup Jojoba oil and add in 1/4 cup organic honey. I tried homemade sugar scrubs for the first time last year, and now I’m addicted. 1. Homemade sugar scrub tastes a little like cookie dough, if you make it a certain way. Homemade Sugar Scrub Cubes for the Body Ingredients. Coconut oil moisturizes your feet and makes them soft . 1 tsp organic cane sugar (or granulated sugar) 2 drops of water; 1 – 2 drops orange, lemon, lavender or tea tree essential oil (optional); How you do it: Combine all ingredients in a small bowl. The ratio for any sugar scrub is 1 cup sugar to 1/4 cup oil. Natural skin care recipes. Honey & Orange juice h omemade sugar scrub The citrus in this sugar scrub recipe tones and helps the sugar to exfoliate while the honey hydrates, moisturizes, and protects Honey is a natural humectant, which means it attracts moisture and keeps it … Ingredients. Twinings of London has been providing quality tea experiences for more than 300 years, and I am so happy to be sharing their three new herbal blends – Lemon Delight, Berry Fusion and Buttermint. Honey And Sugar Foot Scrub You Will Need. Here is my go-to recipe for making sugar scrub recipes. Indulge in a hot cup of herbal tea, or get creative with an herbal tea sugar scrub featuring on of these new blends. This easy sugar scrub recipe gives soft and silky skin after just one use. A delicious chai tea latte is one of my favorite things to drink, but the same spices also make for a great chai sugar scrub.