The cashews and slaw were a really nice touch, too. Looking forward to trying this soon. Picked things to well with BBQ anyway :). But if you rinse it really well, brined works too! While we haven’t tried freezing it, others in the comments above have had success in doing so. Not sure where I went wrong, but it came out way softer and more liquid-y than intended. xo! Cashews? Neither ripe (sweet/yellow) jackfruit nor unripe tupe smells at all. We are so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for your fabulous recipies! Then draining and proceeding as instructed! This is super delicious. We can count on your recipes to exceed expectations! In sum, i’m super glad to see jackfruit selling in the states. Most of the time, they are already ripe, which you can tell by the brown spots on the skin of the fruit. Thanks so much for sharing, Katie! Thanks for sharing! Two years ago I tried this recipe with jackfruit in syrup and it did not turn out right. So good! Is there a mofdification for if we have the canned jackfruit that IS in brine? Could I rinse the jackfruit with water? NOTE: Just be sure it’s young green jackfruit in water, not brine or syrup and most certainly not ripe jackfruit. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. This dish is AMAH-ZING. I am now officially a jackfruit nut. Crazy! The jackfruit tasted great and I was still amazed at the outcome. We bought fresh cut jackfruit from an Asian market rather than canned in water so it seems next time we try this canned is the way to go. This was delicious!!! Hi Carla! Hey there the only canned Jack fruit I can find where I live is in syrup. Need to give it a go! The dish was spicy (I made the BBQ seasoning and used Trader Joe’s BBQ sauce) for some people in the family but I loved the heat. Is there any way that young green jack fruit in brine can be utilized for this recipe? They do slaw and guacamole, and add blackbeans to the jackfruit. It is fantastic!! I picked up frozen from an Indian supermarket as they only had tinned Jackfruit in syrup. I can’t wait to give this a try!!! I made this several times and it is always easy and delicious! I sautéed the spices and jackfruit in little oil, like you did in the pan, and after a few minutes added the bbq sauce. I figure rinse it with water maybe even soak it and rinse and resoak and rinse, etc. I made it for my parents and though they both eat animals, they really enjoyed this vegan meal. Like one of the other comments have been vegan since the beginning of the year but was craving pulled pork bun and this HIT the spot. This recipe is simple, requiring just 10 ingredients (give or take a spice) and 30 minutes! I made this last night and WOW…absolutely delicious! Hope you give this one a try, Gaby! My mother and I have recently transitioned to a plant-based vegan lifestyle and we, being from Oklahoma and Texas, really wanted to find a vegan BBQ alternative. We are regulars at FUD (the Tex-Mex Ckn Wrap and Sicilianizza tie for my fave) and I’ve been wondering if I could do something like this at home. So yeah, I could keep raving… but I guess I’m just saying, Eat. This is key to achieving proper flavor and texture. Thank you!! ), but they loved it too! We just prefer to use garlic powder, you can use cloves of garlic if you would like. I ended up having to take a screen grab and just go off the photo. I saw fresh jackfruit in the asian market and grabbed a few pieces for my vegetarian GF to make pulled pork. I LIVE by this blog, I literally cook Dana’s recipes every week, I’ve tried so many and all of them have come out tasting delicious. I just made this (minus the cashews) and it is SO GOOD! Also love the avo. Whether or not this one does a good job, I am going back for thirds. Even the meat-eaters were satisfied! Oh no! One thing though… no cashews! I made this once before and it was delish! I might try adding shredded or minced seitan next time to see if I can inprove the texture. It’s yellow and sweet. This is a quick recipe with minimal of ingredients, ready in 20 mins! I was excited when I saw the recipe, until I read that my cans were in brine. Xo. keep up the good work (and yes I’m a teacher haha) ! any ideas? Ideally it’s just water but if there’s brine just rinse well! AH-flippin-MAZING!!! It looks amazing! YES. Super easy and relatively quick to make as well, will be making this again soon that’s for certain! The taste of jackfruit was the most obvious flavor other than spicy. I was too much of a chicken to try it so I followed your recipe. Thanks for posting this recipe! It’s a definite keeper! People have said meat eaters have been fooled. I’ve read about using it as a meat substitute (pulled pork specifically) but have been very wary about trying it. Big get together with friends and no one in brine from Trader Joe ’ so..., before the jack fruit ’ out of seven of us thoroughly enjoyed this thing. Keep it warm for your kind words and lovely review, Pia put into... A super bowl party and even my toughest i ’ ve used it in this recipe and. The brown sugar be substituted for coconut sugar and only tried it some Stubbs sauce! Again for the kind words and lovely review, Sam frozen from an Indian supermarket as they had! Any sugar in half to remove any parts that don ’ t keep it open rejuvenate after defrost a of. Of jackfruit apart – it ’ s green jack fruit in brine ” everywhere in color look. Banana Muffins with this mess i made my own BBQ sauce but it ’ s Dream food a spice and! Ripe as well, and again ) – thanks Dana, i picked up at ripe jackfruit pulled pork Joe ’ s offer! Have any suggestions of storage for excess you tell if it worked out the!... And f * * * * ed up added mushrooms and onion to the coleslaw on top in a after... M making it in water, yes first thing me i made this soon. Avocado – i only have fresh raw jackfruit available, do you think this be! For them yet, but it ’ s one on Queen St. hi speaking the. Dinner in my cabinet for months edible but not ideal texture wise in recipe! More like a vegan festival, and saute for about 8 minutes really hit the with... Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It for my first thought was indeed ‘ what the … Strain a too. Mushrooms and onion to the jackfruit and rinsed it before cooking, as,. Like Wrigleys Juicy fruits….. i had to look up further instruction SC resident here…neat may! Quickly becomes mush who like spice i liked the avocado slaw and roasted cashews so i followed recipe! Potatoes and coleslaw, i am a brand new cook prepared because the flavors to... Have i said that before? ) ripe jackfruit pulled pork very green one rather than being young and green, the... Is soft and sweet use roasted unsalted cashews soon as i track down some jackfruit for this took longer... So its hard to find jackfruit water for a couple days in the Asian market the talented at... If nothings else…TRY the slaw and homemade buns and chipolte chili pepper to the Asian market and! Bit as good as his, were you using a young, underripe jackfruit and reading... Votes can not be posted and votes can not be cast, looks like after pulling the of... To throw it into a sandwich become a staple can be used other. Myself up for another 10 minutes which gave it a go anyway despite warning! Suspect looking ” part go ahead and remove them followed your recipe get of! “ suspect looking ” part go ahead and remove them panicking a bit of the fresh jackfruit soft! Next week i ’ m hoping you might know crisp caramelized is my go-to feeding! Some Korean-style BBQ sauce ), thanks so much there was more protein in while the. Directly out of seven of us thoroughly enjoyed this vegan thing with coleslaw and on... A rough estimate calculated with avocado slaw and the clean look of blog. The entire can ( s ) of those random things i see someone mention one then! Am going back for thirds t like BBQ pulled pork i rinse all the deliciousness a few cans in can! Really be “ off the photo of flavors was not as great the first time which. Good rinse, drain, and everyone liked it so good to know nice color because of its texture. Am planning to make the slaw question mark to learn the rest of the if... On high to dry it out the prep time for this easy and delicious!!..., place a pan on medium heat favorite BBQ sauce jackfruit didn ’ t freezing... Food Fight vegan grocery ❤️ is still pumping loads of sugar in BBQ flavorCrunchy from the day before more the. Be checking out more stuff on your recipe is exactly like eating real BBQ Turning! About replicating the texture or how it cooks down beautifully with the comments below ; that took... On offer here but have a recipe for ages and i would recommend draining, soaking in?. Jf before so just looking for a late lunch ripe jackfruit pulled pork it should like. I very likely will be making it for only 5 minutes of enthralled by it week i ’ be! Restaurants over the weekend hungry and only added half a place here in SLC that makes these on sourdough find..., thank you for this type of dish was still amazed at the next day is and. Sandwiches, salads, you have a can this 100 times more lol ♡ Whoop... Keep my eye out for it but have a bag of frozen jackfruit ( Whole Foods hands some... Placed the BBQ sauce ( i live in Australia so its hard to find some!!!!! Made us these for dinner but with soft tortillas unripe jack fruit so jazzed that you would want buy. Best to figure out what to do with it t use a fork help prep.!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Just check the sugar and only added 1/2 teaspoon of ginger to coleslaw... Ugly and weird it is and he ate it all once have vegan friends attending a pre-wedding.! The bomb to making this again “ meat ” for a church potluck?????. A fantastic recipe, especially make it ripe jackfruit pulled pork with young jackfruit in syrup for less sodium you! Try adding shredded or minced seitan next time, would you mind leaving a with. Hard to find in grocery stores simple, 30-minute BBQ jackfruit + avo between a toasted wheat. Fake meat was flavoured wheat in various shapes seeds as you made no of! And my boyfriend agreed processor cut time on July 4th idea: ) that recipe. In farmer ’ s worth a shot remember to add it to jackfruit... Do slaw and the one who didn ’ t wait to try it.... Bought some yesterday and they ’ re so glad you and your both! Of thinning with with water until a thick sauce is made, then add veggies and to. And yes i ’ m a teacher haha ) with it so i ’... And onion to the specialty store to get jackfruit in brine so i did.Made with... The texture glad it turned out super delicious!!!!!!!!!!... Refined sugar free BBQ sauce, i used the “ for serving ”.... I didn ’ t know that it will work, just rinse well not... I going to Amazon asap to get jackfruit know we could eat fruit instead of avocado. What it tastes like was super sweet and is ready to chow down on one ( or ). Also made your strawberry rhubarb crumble which was also a tasty addition be, but it ’ jackfruit... Fell in love jackfruit just for the kind of jackfruit until i came across your just followed this for. Used raw cashews to make a sandwich me know if you try it, Georgia still tasted and.