SUBMARINE ACQUISITION. Previous posts we made confirmed that the Department of National Defense (DND) already released the Notice of Award (NOA) for the Philippine Air Force's Attack Helicopter Acquisition Project in favor of Turkey's Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), and has signed the contract with TAI a few months ago.. Two years ago Australia announced the sale of 25 Classic Hornets to Canada.With the deal, all of 71 classic Hornets, some of which had been retired from the RAAF will be disposed off, likely leaving not a single aircraft to be preserved in museums or other locations. :)). 12000 jam itu cuma 500 hari, while masa operasionalnya sudah 11 tahun. Thank you, your submission to join the Mailing List was successful.Please check your email inbox to confirm. So regardless of who sits here (as PN … Boeing Leverages Australian Partnerships to Boost ... TNI AU Gelar Latihan Combat SAR di Lanud Iswahjudi. Primitif 😁😁😁, Taming sari roti yang bisa hancurkan planet itu ke? Kalo ambil Scorpene kasihan nanti MRO di tetangga malah gak bisa selam. Transfer Persenjataan Laos, Timor Leste, Papua New... Defense, Military Officials Inspect Mi-171 Helicop... Subcontracts Signed for the Attack Class Submarine... 2 Fregat Denmark Akan Dibangun Sepenuhnya di PT PAL. All rights reserved. 700 m kata xafier 😂😂😂 pertanyaan berikutnya kedalam 700 m ada di laut mana? FOCUS ON DEFENSE CAPABILITY DEVELOPMENT IN SOUTHEAST ASIA AND OCEANIA, Yang penting gk ngambang kayak punya jiran kita 🤣😂🤣😂, Yang penting rudalnya dek " rudal Taming Sari Roti " menggerunkan ..... botol pulpen itu dek ..😅😅😅😘, Peluru tamingsari daya tembaknya hanya sejauh 3 km. “Once there’s a contract, the buyout is completed, then we will (use part of the site of) Hanjin to provide housing for our submarines. “Of course, the Navy has a roadmap, that’s the advantage of having a roadmap. The Philippine Navy received 2 ships starting in 1965. Om,subsmu cem banana boat gk boleh selam om 😁🤣😂, MALAYDOGS SUBMARINE :WHAT IS THE ENGINE OF THIS VERY UGLY PLASTIC LITTLE YELLOW SUBMARINE? While waiting for the arrival of the equipment, Bacordo said the officers and enlisted personnel of the PN’s Submarine Group have been going abroad for training on how to operate and man a submersible vessel. Submarine networks serve as critical components to the BPO industry, providing reliable and diverse links between the Philippines and the rest of the world. Philippine Navy flag-officer-in-command, Vice Admiral Robert Empedrad says the French-made diesel-electric submersible, the Scorpène, is very ideal for the Philippine Navy's submarine requirement, in an interview on Wednesday (Oct. 2, 2019). The PN said the acquisition and development of a submarine arm for the country remain one of the priorities. MANILA – The acquisition and development of a submarine arm for the country remain one of the priorities of the Philippine Navy. MANILA – The acquisition and development of a submarine arm for the country remain one of the priorities of the Philippine Navy. ?AS FAR AS I KNOW IT JUST SIT ALLIGN WITH OTHER TOOTHLESS SHIPS IN INDOGS SHIPYARD.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🔴🔴🔴,, Ur scorpene like banana boat can not dive in the sea 😁ðŸ˜, . lawan vietnam terberak berak ... di injak injak general Vo Nguyen Giap di Dien Bien Phu ... nguyen strooonnnggg ... 😎, Dia lupa bro, kasel Jerman sangat menakutkan sejak WW2, dengan Uboat nyaChangbogo juga merupakan kapal selam yang paling banyak ikut serta di RIMPAC dengan performa memuaskan, Jngn hina ks scorpene malons om,2022 nanti akan memecahkan rekor dunia, sekali nyelem bisa kekedalaman 7000 meter dan tak dapat nimbull lagi.Itulah visi dan misi tldm malonsss di thn 2022, Kita ga menghina Mazjo, cuma merendahkan.Mereka ngomong ga pernah pake data.😂, Karena prinsip kita ..mari kita hina yang sudah hina ..😄😄😄, Malon sudah dibiasakan umno ngomong pake hoax 😂😂😂😂, 😁🤣😂 banana boat malon is the best, "The Scorpene, which is being constructed by French defense manufacturer Naval Group, is *among the list of preferred submarine* by the Philippine Navy. The submarine is part of whoever FOIC sits here until we will realize that," PN flag-officer-in-command Rear Admiral Giovanni Carlo Bacordo said in a recent interview. OPPO POKER | FREECHIPS | FREEBET | MENANG DI BAYAR LANGSUNG | AGEN POKER ONLINE TERPERCAYAPROMO NEW MEMBER 20%BONUS HARIAN 5%BONUS MINGGUAN 0.3% - 0.5%BONUS BULANAN Up To Rp 1.500.000,- Freebet Agen Poker Terpercaya Chip Gratis Agen Judi Uang Asli Bandar Ceme Domino QQ BISA DEPO VIA :-PULSA XL-PULSA TELKOMSEL-OVO-GOPAY-DANACONTACT PERSONWHATSAPP : +62 878-4302-6179Agen Poker Terpercaya, Bandar Judi Online, Freechips, Freebet, Uang Asli. Right now Philippine Navy are on for a consultation and discussions for the possibility of immediate acquisition and procurement with different Submarine shipbuilders. 1. Bacordo made this remark when asked whether he will devout the same attention to detail on acquiring submarines as his predecessor, Vice Admiral Robert Empedrad. This is the reason why the PN has already formed a Submarine Group, Bacordo added. According to Empedrad, the Philippine Navy was on its way to acquiring submarines of its own after he said President Rodrigo Duterte approved the purchase of submarines “in principle.” Lorenzana, however, was a little more circumspect, and said the submarine acquisition … saya tak habis fikir kapal selam tak boleh selam tapi dah 12000 jam operasi selam 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️, Tunggu dulu bro. The Alugoro Submarine has Successfully Undergone Q... Orbital UAV to Work with One of Singapore's Larges... Indonesia Bisa Jadikan Corona Pelajaran Hadapi Per... T-50i Golden Eagle Sukses Ikuti Latihan di Biak. Not only was submarine acquisition by 2010 impossible, the bulk of the antiquated Philippine Fleet continued its downward slide into disrepair without major revitalization efforts. Australia Delivers Sixth Guardian-Class Patrol Boa... Indonesia dan Turki Sepakat Kembangkan APC Roda Ra... Malaysia Confirms Delivery, Training Schedule for ... Australia Sells Remaining Classic Hornets to USA C... Indonesia Tinggal Bersaing dengan Korsel Jual Medi... Panser Badak Kini Menggunakan Kaki-Kaki Timoney, Singapore to Receive 24 New Coastguard Vessels, Submarine Acquisition Among Navy's Priorities. The Scorpene, which is being constructed by French defense manufacturer Naval Group is said to be high on the list of preferred submarine platforms of the country and was evaluated by naval and defense officials last year. (PNA), 7500A Beach Road #16-316,The Plaza, Singapore 199591, To Exhibit or Sponsor(function(){var ml="40lda%s.phe",mi="642:65014346789",o="";for(var j=0,l=mi.length;j