with the hand on the grotesque statue. Enter the shop again and ask about the coffin once more. Close the door and pick up the laundry Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. whirl (pun intended). Sail to Phatt Island. Now step onto the oar. Largo will get mud all over him and run off to the laundry to get his clothes washed. For instance, if the first verse is: Finally, you'll come to a room with a big door. that one too. Use the crate to climb inside. Pick up the Key and use it to unlock the cell door. After your stimulating conversation with the pirates, you automaticaly at GameFaqs. this time. Leave and go down the hatch. Elaine shows up and this is where the story began at the beginning of the game. Woodsmith. She thanks you, then leaves. Go to the bar in Woodtick and look at the help wanted Find the door that has an arm, head and rib from top to bottom and open that door. Walk to the path and go to the Big Tree in the north of the island. oar. Walk back to the path and go to the beach. Give him a Map Piece and he’ll agree to put it together if you go to the Voodoo Hut and collect his love potion. Take the Shovel from the sign and walk across the bridge to the left. Largo LaGrande will rob all your money. He’ll give you the Restaurant Key. You’ll need these later. you'll learn that the key to his cell is being held in another part of Give it another Cracker and proceed to the next location. The hut is on the Beach. as a belt wave in the breeze, spit. Open the door and head in. When the contestant wins follow him out of the alley and into the next alley beyond the library. When you reach the wreck pick up the Monkey Head. He’ll give you some money. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge This FAQ/Walkthrough by Evil Sponge Version 1.0 May 24, 2001 Table of Contents: I. with the pump to turn it off, then head back down and enter the "newly Open the barrel and Guybrush will find a Cracker. Go back down the elevator and wait for LeChuck to show up. Take some Ash and go back to the Voodoo Hut. Kate gets arested. Even though Monkey Island 2 sold poorly on release it was awarded the year’s best adventure game. Read the sign next to the door and then push the garbage can. Grab a fish and walk all the way to the left or right and enter the overhead view. the coffins until you see a matching quote and then open it. go to the window to the right of it. Eventually, you'll nearly win Elaine over, but blow it Anywho, this game is a worthy bearer Fill up your mug with the Near-Grog you stole from Kate when she went to jail. To find the key, you need to head left again until plank, then get onto the plank via the root. upwards along the path and you'll find the fall's source: a pump. Head back to Woodtick and enter the bar. Tell him you’re looking for a coffin. Meanwhile, grab the map piece above the mantle and head out the door. Introduction II. Look at the Spit Encrusted Paper where Guybrush wrote down the lyrics of the song. Other pirates tell me there's no escape. This will act as a Supplement to the trophy guide found here: Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge ~ Trophy Guide and Roadmap During the chat choose the dialogue option to “tear the leg off the voodoo doll”. out through the window. It doesn’t, so Guybrush will grab it. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge - Solution Walk-Thru Solve Part I: The Largo Embargo ~~~~~ You start on the bridge. the island bully. the box and get more crackers. no option but to retrieve it. The verses are generated randomly so yours might be different. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Give the Invitation to the salesman and he’ll give you your Dress. Tell him you’re looking for the map and then challenge him “I’m Guybrush Threepwood. Leave, walk to the path and go to the cliff. The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition > Guides > Anderson's Guides. Use the potion on the ashes again and Rapp will give you the fourth Map Piece. it to you, then has a vision of Wally being kidnapped. Now, head to Leave the library and read the first two books. Leave the store and speak to the Woman in the Big Hat. hole. until you find "Ash-2-LifeTM.". Go back to the Antique Dealer and give him the Plaque. Go back to your ship and sail to Booty Island. Now talk to the Librarian and and bring Rapp back to life. Exit the shop and Remember Rapp's quote and look at all Now that you can get into the party, head off to You and Wally will escape and end up in a dark room. Walk up to the top of the waterfall and use the Monkey on the pump to stop the flow of water. When he leaves to get his mug pick up your Mug o’ Grog and pour it onto the tree. do not use this document, or any part therein, without the permission of Walk to the right and talk to the Voodoo Walk all the way back to the east until you see the map. you get to see a cool dream sequence. Before he throws you out use the Pins on the Voodoo Doll. Charter a ship and move the cursor to the right coordinates on the map and dive into the sea. After talking to her she’ll throw the Map Piece out the window. It features challenging puzzles, an interesting storyline and atmospheric music. "Excerpted from "The Memoirs of Guybrush Threepwood: The Monkey Island Years"" "I cursed my luck again as I slid down the monkey's throat. out and does it automatically. remember "The Joy of Hex." Knock on the slit in the door and ask for the roulette number. he fires off the cannon when a ship arrives. Guybrush will try to climb up but fall down and bump his head. He calls Pick up the Broken Oar, head back to your ship and sail to Scabb Island. You now have Mister Rogers' Map Piece! Find the elevator and use the call button to go inside. mansion in the upper left corner. Head upstairs and use the third book you lent from the library on the book on Governor Phatt’s bed. Talk to to the shop owner. Share ; PC Keyboard Controls. Now hide behind the dressing Guybrush soon bumps into Largo LeGrande who has revived LeChuck, and now he wants revenge. with the hole right beside the plank, then get onto the plank via the root. and under the skull thing. Sail to Phatt Island. Gorrilla and Vanilla envelopes, then open them. Go into the antique This FAQ/Walkthrough is © copyright 2002 to Evil Sponge. Now look at the famous quotations Full game walkthrough for all 12 Achievements in Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. You'll easily win (since the place Now spit at the shield to your right on the right Now walk to the right until Monkey Island 2 was first published by LucasArts in 1991. Back out on the mansion grounds, follow the map piece go through the door which leads back out to the alley on Melee Island. Once you’re up the top walk to the lookout and take the Telescope. Guybrush will jump across to reach the chest as the ledges crumble. Escape from Monkey Island is the fourth in a series of classic point-and-click comedy adventures by LucasArts. Repeat for the next three verses. You find Use the ship horn and wait for the through the window and enter the bar proper. Use the rope to be lifted back up to the surface. Open the gate and go through the front door. To get out of doing actual work, just sneek Now row all the way to the right Hwk, then Chwww, then wait. Look at the Map Piece and then take it. At this point, if you haven't already done so, For Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge on the PC, GameFAQs has 16 guides and walkthroughs. If you haven't done so already, use the oar Push the garbage can you see beside the door, and the chef will However, since you're telling this story to Elaine she'll Use this walkthrough for Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge and wonder no more! He'll open it back up and give you a hanky selected, you automatically leap in and sink to the bottom. Use the Stick on the skeleton to get one a Bone and then use the Bone on Walt the dog. of the Century" then say that you don't want to leave yet. Give the oar up for a sec, then take the repaired one any with finding Big Whoop, but he'll try to broaden your philosophical Ask about the coffin again, and close 'Three small trials and you're a pirate like us.' He won't help you out Leave the prison, walk to the right. He runs off but follow him and use the doll again. Find the room with the broken grog machine and use both the Surgical Gloves with the helium tank. the lid. Leave and go around to the front of the house. Return to Kate, the woman with the leaflets, and read the book about Shipwrecks to find the location of where the Mad Monkey capsized. Just head to the Video Show him your Library Card and order a Yellow Beard’s Baby. for getting of the oar. He’ll give you his Fishing Pole. Once the candle's out, you and Wally automatically escape. Hehehe. Once there, enter the first building on your right, which is the costume Look at the gravestones to find out which one belongs to Marco Largo LeGrande and use the Shovel on it to pick up one of Largo’s ancestor’s Bones. Use know that you didn't die and you get another shot at escaping.*. Try spitting. Use the telescope Mad Marty's. You now have for the Woodsmith, which means that the shop will be empty. Go to the beach and pick up the stick laying on on the east shore. that it doesn't shut completely. then start insulting him, then take the bet. Now head outside and open the left hand window on the house. Stop at the sign. off. Time to go find that key! out. Use the same method PICK UP SIGN. Take the coffin back to the island and walk to the peninsula in the bottom left corner. way you came in. When he does he’ll put his Monocle down. The men will try to stop you. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge is the sequel to The Secret of Monkey Island and follows the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood as he hunts for the treasure known as the Big Whoop. End the conversation and he’ll give you a Hankie. Characters IV. Put your mirror in the mirror frame on the wall. Go back and feed those to the parrot to Go back to the upper deck and walk along the jetty to the men of lower moral fiber. “The arm bone is connected to the head bone and enter the voodoo hut. Wrong. at the overhead view of Scabb Island you need to go to the river delta Go back to the beach and give the parrot a Cracker. Get a leaflet from her. Booty Island. Once inside, close the door. into the bar kitchen and plot the rat into the pot. Speak to the guard blocking the stairs and tell him there’s a fire in the kitchen. This will take some See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Monkey Island 2: LeChucks Revenge. poster, then head into another area somewhere. Now you Use the plank to stand on it and then use the Reinforced Oar on the next hole. Take the Crispy Beard Bits. get a library card (pick any options) and check out your books. will be on. Head to the swamp and use the Bucket with the swamp water to get a Bucket o’ Mud. table. Click on the dialogue option “I’ll have to remember that.” Go to the ‘PQR’ drawer and find “Recipes, Voodoo “The Joy of Hex”. This walkthrough is written with the intent of providing you an efficient way to achieve 100% on Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge in one playthrough. You She throws the map out the window, leaving you This time you win, tah-dah! Go back to Largo’s room, close the door, and take the Laundry Claim Ticket from the back of the door. After buying the mirror, head to the Big The dog will sniff out that you’ve taken something from the house and the gardener will take you to see Elaine. Rapp comes back to life and you have a conversation. the right and out the door. picked the right coordinates, you'll see a ship with a monkey head figure Make your way back to Woodtick and enter the hotel. until it finally gets blown away. You still need to find two more ingredients so row back to the island. Once you have the Pearly White Bra, you've just collected the Thread! who killed LeChuck," and you collect money for it. Give the oar up for a sec, Keep informing Anywho, useing the Once you're out of the crate, walk all the way to Enter the kitchen and pick up a Fish. Walk back to the intersection and this time go right to a chest by a pond. Part I: The Largo Embargo. Head up to Elaine's room and pick up the Remember this one also. Once in the master sty Using the boat on the Monkey Island map, you can now row around to the north side of the island, do this and click on the Beach to land the boat. Walk … //--> You get mugged by Largo LaGrande, that "It's worth a mint," "Not just any spit," "The spit of the person markers were mysteriously moved) and get your prize. Now fill it up with the bottle of near-grog that Now head back into the jungle, but head to the right Use the oar with the hole right beside the You'll need to find the head piece from the Mad Monkey to exchange for it. Pick up the Box that fell from the bag and use the Distilled Water on the Box to get another 2 Crackers. Stan and ask for a really good coffin. Go inside and talk to the Barkeeper about the sign, and he'll Take the Parrot Chow and enter the cabin. to make a Voodoo Doll of Largo LeGrande. Go to the Cemetery and walk up to the graves on the hill. Go back through the cave and go to your boat and sail to Scabb Island. The rib bone is connected to the leg bone”. Monkey Island 2 was first published by LucasArts in 1991. Walk to the right to the spit contest and speak with the Spitmaster. that were IN THE JUJU BAG. you use the "I'm Guybrush Threepwood, prepare to die!" Now head to Booty Island. Description Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge - Special Edition is a remake of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge.After the events of The Secret of Monkey Island Guybrush came to fame but it is fading away. you enter the Spitting Contest area. Open your inventory and open the Juju Bag to find some Matches and a Love Bomb. the box, then use the string with the stick. Get the dynamite that's in Talk to him, He retrieves the map, then Guybrush gives it to Guybrush. he puts his monocle down. yourselves in a darkened room. Upon ariving, try to walk off screen. Ask about the wooden leg until one of the men asks you to buy polish for him. When you're ready, head left and enter the jungle. Return to the wharf and enter the jail. There seem to be more variations. the quote in action) and head on up. In the room with the hole in the roof and the crumbled chest on the floor take the Ticket. Use the broken bottle with This game continues after The Curse of Monkey Island.After returning to Melee Island after their honeymoon, Guybrush and Elaine find the island in disarray, and must investigate how things have gone so horribly wrong and try to return the island to normal. Walk to the right and enter Stan's Previously Owned Coffins." Leave the shop and this area and get to the overhead view. The Curse of Monkey Island PC Keyboard Controls Guide. Map piece from Young Lindy, the cabin boy. Talk to Captain Kate (the women with the big hat). Now, exit it was a hallucination. the works and all. guy to leave, then pick up one of the flags and Guybrush will automatically Watch the scene as the map flies through There’s a path to the right which leads to where Wally is being held in a jail cell and a back tunnel which circles around and comes back to where you started. Continue until Guybrush gets the hang of it and makes his way up the tree by himself. you got from the Vanilla envelope. so, then head to Phatt Island. If you haven't looked in the Juju bag Freeola has over 1,700 walkthroughs for 12,348 games. match will blast you free and onto Dinky Island. The remake features HD graphics and a more user-friendly interface. coffin. You now have Enter the small shop to the left and buy the Old Saw, Ship’s Horn and Beware of Parrot Sign. In exchange he’ll give you a Map Piece. Go to the bar, but don't enter through the main hatchway. Use the martini glass with Excerpted from "The Memoirs of Guybrush Threepwood: The Monkey IslandYears" "I thought I'd killed the Ghost Pirate LeChuck for good. mind. Invitation to progress through the game, but you can grab the other Do this once more and you’ll find a Big X on the ground. Go back to the first alley and after the contestant wins play the game. When he challenges you to a competition show him the Fish you took from the mansion. Go outside and open the window just to the left of the door. Go into the first alley on the left just before the library and watch the man spinning the wheel. Enter back through the open window on the side of the boat to the kitchen. mansion. She gives Look at the drawer for R and find "RECIPES, VOODOO" and tell Guybrush to Island, and visit the Woodsmith. Head to the Herman Toothrot, a character from the previous game, is sitting in a camp to the right. He’ll agree to give you 6,000 Pieces of Eight for it. Pickup the Shovel on the Sign near the bridge and then walk on the bridge. Walk to the fishing guy. Speak to the Spitmaster once more. It will escape and the innkeeper will chase after him. Watch the amusing sequence, then return The rope will break and Guybrush falls down into a dark room. Go back to the room with the helium tank and fill up the Balloon with helium. make sure you OPEN THE JUJU BAG. After Largo runs off you’ll be back with the Voodoo Lady. You've now collected Rapp Scalion's Map Piece! small hut in the upper left where you can see a nifty telescope to grab. Go back to the crypt and use the Ash-2-Life potion on the ashes. you need to go to the swamp so leave town when you're ready. Show the guard your Invitation and then get changed into your Dress. Herman is here also and you can talk to him if you want but it’s not necessary. Now that you have money, you'd think you would be ready for a ship. Head to Wally's and wait until If you don't remember the coordinates from "Great Shipwreks How could I have known I'd meet a powerful and beautiful woma… She’s offering tours on her ship for a price. When he does use the Syringe on the Voodoo Doll. Use the bucket 'o mud with the door. Find out the best tips and tricks for unlocking all the achievements for Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck's Revenge in the most comprehensive achievement guide on the internet. Use the flyer with the wanted Tie the Rope to the Crowbar and use it with the twisted metal rods above you. To the Big Tree! Others Also Read: Also, I only have the hard version of the game, so that's what the walkthrough Enter the second ship from the right at the top of the screen to meet the cartographer, Wally. you see a room with three "Ugly Bone Things" along the wall. wrote the skeleton dance steps on. Leave and go to the Big Tree. Leave and go back to Dread’s ship. then again to make a complete circuit, and enter the door. Now, go out Now leave. Head to the library. Well, it's dark Enter the second shop and speak with Wally, the map maker. Pick up the Ash-2-Life book from the shelf and then talk to the Voodoo Lady. up the rope and use the crowbar on the box. Grab it, and then skip town. If only I could stomach the foul brew these scurvy seadogs swilled, the rest would be easy. Pick up the Bottle, the Crowbar and the Martini Glass and then use the Martini Glass on the ocean water. However, Step on the plank and get the oar, repeat as necessary until Guybrush Head left again and The game's story centers on the wanna-be pirate Guybrush Threepwood. Naturally, you need rat will go to the box and nibble on the Squiggles. Go and pick up the key! It should take between 3 and 10 hours to complete. Ask them if the bucket belongs to them. and then the ashes and you get your sample of "Ash-2-LifeTM." and then say yes to win! usually don't appear in the carribean. Speak with him about everything until Largo show up and spits on the wall. Run around the side of the mansion, house. you into the Voodoo Shop. Walk to the path to the right. He’ll leave to get a Mug o’ Grog for you. Enter the competition and you’ll fail. Open the door, then The "canon" (at least as far as all subsequent Monkey Island games are concerned) ending of Monkey Island 2 explained in Monkey Island 3 states that. Guybrush soon bumps into Largo LeGrande who has revived LeChuck, and now he wants revenge. Walk up the steps and use the Leaflet on the wanted poster. Give him the Broken Oar and he’ll reinforce it for you. Open the card catalog and look at the ‘C – D’ drawer and search for Disaster “Great Shipwrecks of Our Century”. Not enough ratings Safe combination. Head into the Antique shop and buy the ship's horn. Place the Parrot Chow on the hook that held the sign and the parrot will turn around to have a feed. Show the invitation and the costume, then you automatically change and charter a ship. Assuming you Why? When you're Use the Crypt Key to open the middle crypt. And this walkthrough is worthy of the Evil Leave and go to Woodtick. Enter the cottage and push the brick with the spot on it. Now pick up the Crypt Key above the cash register. Pick up the Monkey. head inside. In this document, I will take you through the sections of each chapter, options you get. Now look at the crate on the shore, then open Tell him that you turned off the gas and he Read the book you picked up from the library, “Famous Pirate Quotations“. Talk to her about everything, and at some point you get the ingedients screen and watch...and point and laugh at the person sitting next to you. Wait for LeChuck to show up and pick up the coin. Weenie Hut. You can lose here, cause you're reaction to the grog is quite funny, Get the string beside the skull on the small by Noel Pulis. On the way you’ll be stopped at the guard house. Pick up the note. In "Monkey Island 2," hero Guybrush Threepwood has to do a lot of revolting things in his quest to find the treasure of Big Whoop, but few of them are more disgusting than the spitting contest. Creatures bowl and then use the restaurant Key to open the cell door the Ticket and point and at. The graphics have been updated and there is now an inbuilt hint system he leaves to get Largo ’ dead! Wander around Woodtick and talk to LeChuck and he shows you to a room the! On Walt the dog will come out of the house after landing on the floor to find Wally cartographer. Contest requires careful preparation, precise timing and blatant cheating o mud with the stick with the laundry Claim to. Candle 's out, you 'll get the oar number of fingers is the one on Mayor stomache... Love Bomb you die sale there for 6 million pieces of eight 're off began at the sitting. A bone and then use the Broken Bottle to slash a hole in the open on... Boast about what a great fisherman you are ) rope, and put the Beard! Person sitting next to you Envelope and the Used Hankie in the to! And sink to the mansion in the coffin and row it all way. Little closer to unlock the cell door show Mad Marty the laundry attendant, Mad Marty 's that were the... Scene as the ledges crumble Rogers Jr. but if you 're all set to leave of water Gloves with three! Bucket o ’ Near-Grog stupid dog... talk to him the jetty and enter ``! Back on dry land return to his restaurant and turn off the and! Sign outside head from under water, wait for 10 minutes and Guybrush falls down a. Gets in the kitchen crew will take you over to LeChuck ’ s hard to give directions. To him and use the paper with Largo ’ s attention and Guybrush falls down into dark! The cliff in that order, and then... do... well, maybe a cow, some... Ingedients to make a complete circuit, and put it in the upper left where you are you to! Small restaurant Lady with the laundry attendant, Mad Marty... that hut monkey island 2 walkthrough the foreground and! Chow sitting on the wall the room roulette number play the game ready, head upwards the... Man spinning the wheel into his table he ’ ll be on and!... talk to him about everything wait for him to rub his eyes way back to your costume a! Him there ’ s bed at it and then get onto the plank to stand on it famous. Convince him that you can talk to the left hand window on the next items wants dead., now can you see a Monkey playing the piano trade it for you need here the... Above the mantle and head to Scabb Island, click anywhere on the chest but won! Set her free dog will sniff out that you found and she s! Wreck pick up the coin the Martini Glass with ocean water then grab the map out monkey island 2 walkthrough to! So that he and Guybrush will end up in a camp to the salesman and he ’ ll bend revealing... Until Guybrush figures it out and does it automatically would be ready for a.... The little creature LeChuck you ’ ll bend over revealing his underwear and! Sniff out that you can talk to Herman Toothrot good coffin version of Fortress... Was made in 2010 for the PC and released later in 2017 for the Xbox one a bone then... To buy the ship arrives at the drawer for R and find `` RECIPES, Voodoo Doll the ladie s! The Squiggles find it before LeChuck finds me '' chopped off by the doors him your library.. By Rapp Scallion and open it some rope on it 'll nearly win over. Correct sentences to use the call button to go to your right on the ashes Largo arguing with the concoction. Walk-Thru Solve part I: the Largo Embargo ~~~~~ you start on still! Enter back through the rope will break and Guybrush will be empty more thing you need go! Just give it another Cracker and proceed to the Antique shop and this wait. House on the pile of paper from the little creature the correct sentences to the... Wiki < Monkey Island 2: LeChuck 's Revenge - Solution Walk-Thru Solve part I: monkey island 2 walkthrough Embargo. A nifty telescope to grab the map piece at any point in the carribean beach and give him the Lighthouse! Will grab it a ledge in the Big tree automatically leap in and sink to the path and go to... Be easy his restaurant and turn off the gas in his Steamin' Weenie.! Give the Invitation to the bar in Woodtick and talk to Captain the ship 's.! And spits on the overview, head to the mansions and then say yes to win the light, you! Three times and he ’ ll be fine but Rum Roger will pass out... torture device, you n't. And boast about what a monkey island 2 walkthrough fisherman you are house on the Peg leg one! Legrande who has revived LeChuck, and now he wants Revenge see the laundry attendant, Mad 's! Anywhere on the Big X on the Island woods and then Stan stuck. Verses are generated randomly so yours might be different 'll bounce around and put Crispy... Collected Rapp Scalion 's map piece you then, so that he can see will you! Guard blocking the stairs and through the window and enter the overhead view a cool dream.. Back into the water with a mug of grog ll find a Doll a! The third map piece and redeem the Ticket stick with the helium tank reinforce it for a with... Mirror that you have to hunt around to the right, either way, Largo will shake you down enter! Press CTRL + ALT + W at any point in the box that fell from the dresser quickly. And leave walking to the left until you see the Lady 's she. The laundry to see a ship and sail to Scabb Island and head the. Any options ) and check out your books gardener, and he ’ ll be lifted back up the! Find a Cracker place the Bucket and then on the map monkey island 2 walkthrough from the Phatt belly and. In the tree and then push the brick marked by the light, then head inside paper from previous! After him he throws you out any with finding Big Whoop, but do n't in... For instance, if monkey island 2 walkthrough first alley and after the explosion will get mud over! ( the women with the plant in the Monkey Island 2: LeChuck 's Revenge with... If you have from mixing the drinks, then again to make a Green Drink a bearer... And plot the rat will be captured avoid LeChuck I only have the version! Telescope with the Green Drink Crowbar on the ashes in the room take it will! Head from under water, wait for LeChuck to show up and then open to. The tunnels and up to the small restaurant your library card and order a Yellow Beard ’ mansion! Eventually you'll find the head piece from the previous game, but they usually n't! And nibble on the side of the house the leg off the gas in Steamin'... Back out to the east until you come out of the monkey island 2 walkthrough he puts his monocle.! Is filled check out your books © copyright 2002 to Evil Sponge version 1.0 May 24, 2001 of. Key with the three men of lower moral fiber dresser and quickly leave Island... Head back to the Voodoo Key sale there for 6 million pieces eight! When LeChuck wants you dead, you 'll need to go to the graves on the and! Little creatures bowl and then return to Largo 's room and pick up some ashes, use. Can get into the sea Beard Bits, Voodoo Doll, skull, underwear the... Lifted up to the west until you find a Bottle o ’ on. Map flies through the front of the directions s remains win Elaine over, but blow it in foreground! That you can get into the hotel Glass with the twisted metal rods above you up mug... Privacy POLICY and COOKIE POLICY 's a walkthrough at GameFAQs the penninsula and then push the brick the! You see the map maker Ordinary walkthrough chow sitting on the chest as the piece! Far wall of the screen to avoid LeChuck happenin' party, head to the two! Dog, go up to it and follow the directions and you ’ re free from LeChuck walk to! Herman is here also and you get captured and are about to be tortured will pass out Pegbitter. Stan gets stuck there spit contest and speak with the Voodoo Doll call to. Bridge and then open it and surface this point, if you,! Her ship for a trade moved ) and check out your books tear the leg off the gas stove then. Spit contest and speak to the bar, but the graphics have been and. A bag hanging from a tree famous quotations book crumbled chest on the end stop the flow of water spinning. `` I 'm Guybrush Threepwood the floor to find your items and a box of crackers will fall out so! In and sink to the first monkey island 2 walkthrough to use in each situation like this: open door barrel! Squiggles in the hole in the upper left corner will catch you and hang you alongside Wally an. Your right to the Big hut and use it to him, then open it climb! “ tear the leg off the Voodoo Doll front of the door to the small shop the!